Montpelier Bean Days Committee Thanks Many Generous Sponsors

Bean Days Premier Sponsors - TK 002 WEB“They have been gracious in many ways in helping us,” said Event Planning President and Co-Chair of the 2016 Bean Days festival, Ms. Jeanette Hull, as the high level presenting sponsors of the upcoming event were recognized at Wynn’s Restaurant on June 29. Being recognized were Quality Inns and Suites, Wynn’s and Touchstone Northwestern Electric. Ms. Hull continued, “Quality Inn hosts all of our meetings, and they take care of all of our pilots. They are also giving us a New Year’s Eve room to raffle off, with proceeds going towards a scholarship. Touchstone is bringing in their balloon, and helping us with some revenue builders for the festival. These three sponsors have been key for us, along with all of the others. We are very blessed with all of our sponsors.” Shown at the recognition event are Ms. Hull, Jodi Fiser, Ed Kidston, Pearl Rakes, Josh Fiser, Greg Lee, Shelley Davis and Tasha Thompson.

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