Montpelier Chamber Of Commerce Hosts Annual Banquet For 2015

02-26-2015-Montpelier Chamber Banquet-T (33) WEBBy: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

With emcee Tony Flynn present to direct the evening, the Montpelier Chamber of Commerce’s annual banquet provided a night of laughter, reflection, and humbleness. The Ramada Inn located in Holiday City was the venue for which this was to take place.

Festivities began with a social hour, complete with an open bar. Then, shortly before dinner was served, Pastor Dave Tilley, of the First Presbyterian Church of Montpelier gave the invocation. Shortly afterward, food catered by Wynn’s restaurant was made available through a buffet table. Guests were treated to breadsticks, various types of pasta, and chicken, as well as a wide assortment of pies on the dessert table.

Chamber President Jeanette Hull kicked off the program itself, addressing those present about the current state of the Montpelier Chamber. She announced the organization’s new mission statement, which is guided by a pair of principles; Preserving the competitive enterprise system of business, and Promoting business and community growth and development. Among the other topics Hull discussed was the possible application of an application known as Save Local Now. This app would allow for members of the Montpelier community to get deals and exclusive offers from their favorite local businesses, as well as stay up to date on community events.

Hull covered both the positive and negative happenings of the year that was in 2014. Several area businesses chose to align themselves with the Chamber, including this newspaper. However, she would have been remiss had Hull not mentioned the departures of Shopko, The Pizza Oven, and Certified from the Montpelier area. She did mention, however, that it seems as though there are already several parties interested in the Certified building.

After Hull concluded her remarks, newly minted WEDCO Executive Director Matt Davis took to the podium, honored as the featured speaker of the evening. Davis gave the crowd a bit of background information on himself to begin his speech. However, he quickly shifted his oration to his eagerness to work with the businesses of Williams County.

“Feel free to call me anytime.” Davis invited, before adding, “Though I’ll be getting in contact with each of you soon.”

The last speaker to take to the podium for the evening, Rachel Sostoi had a very specific purpose for doing so. The Montpelier Area Foundation representative was there to honor the recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Citizen Award. It was the Montpelier Civic League who were handed the designation, and the organization was very grateful to receive it.

With the events of the evening concluded, Hull returned to the microphone to thank the attendees for coming, and to wish everyone a good night.

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