Montpelier Class Of 1999 Has Class Reunion Planned For October

VR LOGO - WEBThe Montpelier High School Class of 1999 is planning their 15-year reunion for Montpelier Homecoming weekend, October 3-4 and we are in need of mailing addresses for some of our classmates. We are looking for: Scott Allomong, Jawn Baker, Melissa Baughman, Mike Brown, Jessica Buchanan, Tracie Carlin, Uten Chanthavong, Judy Day, Ty Foust, Robert Golding, Ben Harris, Brian Hern, Scott Houshoulder, Tim Knapp, John McIntosh, Jana Montgomery, Tracey Potts, Corey Steinke, Aimee Thorpe and Wesley Tressler. If you have contact information for any of the individuals listed, please contact Rachel Gendron at 419-485-4164

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