Montpelier Drops Close Match To Liberty Center

(September 9th, 2014)-LIBERTY CENTER: Getting off to a quick start wasn’t enough for the Lady Locos to steal a victory on the road.

Making the journey to Liberty Center, the Locomotives came ready to do battle with the home town Tigers. Though caught off guard initially, Liberty Center was able to rebound from an early defeat to win the match.

The first game belonged to Montpelier, with the Locos taking the set 25-14. Game 2 saw the Tigers come back, however, and the girls of Montpelier lost the set 16-25. Sets 3 and 4 were both hard fought battles with the same result. The Lady Locomotives dropped games 20-25.

Hannah Blake played a well rounded game, making 12 assists, 10 kills, and 10 digs. Landri McKelvey set things in motion for the Locos, with 20 assists, 9 digs, and 6 kills. Sidney Houk added 24 digs, 9 assists, and 8 kills in the loss.

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