Montpelier Excempted Village Schools’ Report Card Shows District With Average Performance

Montpelier Exempted school report card1 WEBThe recent release of School District Report Cards by the Ohio Department of Education shows that, as a district, Montpelier Exempted Village Schools are giving an average performance in pretty much all areas. The highest grade received by the district was a B in the Performance Index portion of the Achievement Category, which measures student performance on the state test. Ds were received in both Gap Closing and the Gifted portion under the Progress Category. Gap Closing measures whether or not all students are succeeding regardless of socio-economic status and is a problematic area for schools across the state. The Progress category measures whether or not each student received a year’s worth of education in various subjects and was a problematic area for many schools throughout the area. It should be remembered that the present District Report Cards are still under-going changes that began last year, when the old system of rankings such as “Excellent” or “Improving” were done away with. As seen in the graphic, more changes are scheduled to be made, with additional grades and component grades being added, over the next couple of years. It should also be remembered that grades are now percent driven, which may make it more difficult for smaller school districts to earn the high percentages needed for an A or a B in any given area. More information on Montpelier Exempted Village School District’s report card, as well as a breakdown on how the elementary and high schools performed individually, can be found at

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