Montpelier Exempted Village Board Of Education Holds August Meeting

08-12-2014 MM 002 WEBMONTPELIER: August 12, 2014- The Montpelier Exempted Village Board of Education held their monthly meeting on August 12 in the Montpelier High School Choir Room. In attendance were Pam Pawlowicz (Executive Secretary) Superintendent Dr. Jamison Grime and board members Cris Wurm, Terry Buntain, along with Board President Larry Martin. Board members Deb Clum and Darell Higbie were not present.

Board President Martin brought the meeting to order at 5:00 with a moment of silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. In accordance with Board Policy, the members of the board opened the monthly meeting allowing public access and comment addressing issues brought forth from the residents of the village. There were no public members in attendance to address the August Meeting; however, Montpelier resident Richard Will received the presentation of his High School Diploma from Superintendent Dr. Jamison Grime at the August Board Meeting.

In the Treasurer’s Report, it was recommended July’s Financial Statement along with Investments for July be approved. The board approved the financial statements and investments for July 2014 as presented. The board also accepted the following donations as presented: From the Transportation Department $250.00 to the Archery Club for bus washing; FIRST Club to the Athletic Department in the amount of $1,890.18, miscellaneous donors to Baseball in the memory of Butch Stantz, in the amount of $225.00, miscellaneous donors to the Library in memory of Jeff Thomas in the amount of $125.00 and from the Edgerton Chamber of Commerce to the band in the amount of $100.00.

The Board also approved the following supplemental contracts for the 2014-2015 school year: Lisa Tippin (Direct Mentor Coordinator), Katy Corkle, Timothy Ford, Stephanie Friend, Anna Kauffman, Alysha Saneholtz and Lisa Tippin (SLO Committee Members). Claudia Gabriela Rodriquez Diaz was also approved as the Spanish Teacher and Club Advisor. The Board also approved Josiah Osburn (Intervention Specialist), Christina Hupe and Brandon Shoup (Substitute Teachers) along with approving graduate Hours for John Dalrymple and Khrysta Coleman.

Also approved were Troy Christman (In School Suspension Supervisor), Matthew Slattman (Athletic Trainer) and approval for the Athletic Director to secure workers for High School and Junior High Athletic Events during the 2014 – 2015 school year.

The following individuals were approved for horizontal movements on the salary schedule, pending verification of eligibility: Blayne Bible (Bach. Plus 15), Kaitlyn Brancheau (Masters Degree), Stacey Brown (Masters plus 12), Melaine Calvin (Masters plus 24), Julie Carson (Masters plus 24), Khrysta Coleman (Bach. Plus 15), Katy Corkle (Masters Degree), Megan Freudenberger (Masters plus 24), Brooke Gearig (Bach. Plus 15), Anna Kauffman (Masters plus 24), Tammy lee (Masters plus 24), and Kacie Vitek (Masters plus 12). The board also accepted the resignation of Kathy Lamberson effective July 16, 2014.

Next items on the agenda were the Legislative Report along with the Student Achievement Liaison Report. Neither area had information to report for the August Meeting. From the High School, It was announced that the open house will be held at the High School on Monday, August 18 from 5-7 p.m.

The board concluded the August agenda by adjournment, with no executive session required for the August Meeting. The Village Reporter will publish the dates for upcoming Board Meetings in our upcoming edition.

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