Montpelier Exempted Village Board Of Education Names MHS Diamond “Butch Stantz Field”

image - Copy WEBMONTPELIER July 8, 2014- The Montpelier Exempted Village Board of Education held their monthly meeting on July 8 in the Montpelier High School Choir Room. In attendance were Pam Pawlowicz (Executive Secretary)Superintendant Dr. Jamison Grime and board members Cris Wurm, Darrell Higbie, Terry Buntain, Deb Clum along with Board President Larry Martin.

Board President Martin brought the meeting to order at 5:00 with a moment of silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. In accordance with Board Policy, the members of the board opened the monthly meeting allowing public access and comment addressing issues brought forth from the residents of the village. There were no public members in attendance to address the July Meeting.

In the Treasurer’s Report, it was recommended June’s Financial Statement along with Investments for June be approved. The board approved the financial statements and investments for June 2014 as presented, Approved the donations as presented: $305.00-Misc. Donars to baseball in memory of Herbert “Butch” Stantz. Also approved by the board was: Approval of “tuition for Special Education students enrolling from other districts at $7,000.00 per student per year with an additional $1,000.00 each for speech or psychological services.”

The Board also approved the following supplemental contracts for the 2014-2015 school year: Stephanie Friend and Kaitlin Brancheau (Co-National Honor Society), Garrett Leininger (Locomotion), Charlene Johnson(Archery), Lester Orndorff (Robotics).

The following Entry Year Mentors were approved: Kacie Vitek, Anna Koffman (1 & 2), Lisa Tippin, Dawn Smith, Stephanie Friend, Cynthia Shoup, Tammie Mercer Chmielewski, Jennifer Martin, Rosemary Dockery (1 &2), Stacy Guelde (1 &2), David Bauer, Amy Scott, Raya Fackler, Jason Johnson (1 &2), Stacie Yagelski. Entry Year Teachers: Fara Neff, Jimmie Phillips, David Apple, Brandon Shoup, Sara Livensparger, April Thompson. Also approved: Jennifer Martin and Kacie Vitek (LPDC Co-Chairman), Miranda Oats and Barbara Turner (LPDC Committee).

In athletic department supplemental contracts, the following were approved for the 2014-2015 School Year: Steven Brancheau (Head Football), Blayne Bible, Troy Roth, Anthony Coleman, David Bauer, Joseph Brigle (Assistant Football), Timothy Ford and Taylor Muehlfeld (JH Football), Khrysta Coleman (Varsity Volleyball Assistant), Charlene Johnson and Brooke Gearig (JH Volleyball), David Apple (JH Cross Country), Kaitlin Brancheau (Head Cheerleading), Sara Livensparger (JH Cheerleading), Barndon Shoup (JH Golf), Taylor Muehlfeld (Head Boys Basketball), David Bauer (Varsity Boys basketball Assistant), Mark Huffman (JV Boys Basketball, Charlene Johnson (JH Girls Basketball), Troy Roth (Head Wrestling), Timothy Ford (Wrestling Assistant), Jason Caudill and Max Lamberson (JH Football), Mark Earl and Michael Martinelli (Football Volunteers), Elaina Bess Cooley (Head Volleyball), Samantha Brubaker (JV Volleyball), Kelsie Bowman-Schwartz (9th Grade Volleyball), Hollie Carroll (Head Cross Country), Andrew Saneholtz (Head Golf), Nickolas Ramos (JH Boys Basketball), Timothy Nicely (Head Girls Basketball), Sarah Bird (Varsity Girls Basketball Assistant), Shannon Hageman (JV Girls Basketball), Teresa VanDyke (JH Girls Basketball, Anthony Mercer (JH Wrestling).

For employment/classified staff, the following contract addendum’s were approved for the 2014-2015 school year: Jill Altaffer; Hollie Carroll. The board also accepted the resignation of Shelby Schmersal Spanish Teacher, effective immediately. Additionally, the board also approved entering into a contract with Kent State University/Research and Sponsored Programs for speech and language services for the 2014-2015 school year. In final business, the board unanimously approved the naming of the Montpelier Baseball Field “Butch Stantz Field.”

Next items on the agenda were the Legislative Report along with the Student Achievement Liaison Report. Neither areas had information to report for the July Meeting. The board concluded the July agenda by adjournment., with no executive session required for the July Meeting. The Village Reporter will publish the dates for upcoming Board Meetings in our upcoming edition.

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