Montpelier High School Bids Farewell To The Class Of 2015

05-24-2015-Graduation-Montpelier-T (194)By: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

As the senior class walked across the stage to receive their diplomas, they impressed their soon to be former principal, Su Thorp.

“I think that was the best a senior class has done at walking across this stage.” Thorp complimented the organization and timeliness of the group.

Of course, from its early goings, the event was well run, yet still held deep meaning and significance to those in attendance.

Thorp gave a quick introduction, before introducing school board president Larry Martin. Martin gave very brief remarks. Then Dr. Jamison Grime stepped up to the podium, giving the graduating class advise on how to spend their “last Summer before entering into the real world.” Several students were then recognized for everything from earning an Honors Diploma to donating blood to the Red Cross on three occasions.

Next came the speeches of the Salutatorian and the Valedictorian. First up was Salutatorian Christy Duchene. Like most of her classmates, she was excited to be finishing high school.

“We’ve FINALLY made it.” Remarked Duchene.

She went on to remind her fellow seniors that, no matter how far they travel, or what they do with their lives, they shouldn’t be afraid to come back home to Montpelier.

Valedictorian Jacob Leung attacked complacency in his own address to the audience. He encouraged his peers to keep pushing themselves and never to settle.

“I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression, ‘If life gives you lemons, then make lemon-aide.’ Well, I’m here to tell you, if you settle for the lemons life gives you, that lemon-aide is going to suck.” Leung stated, before adding, “I, for one, will not be drinking that lemon-aide, and I hope that you won’t be either.”

Following the performance of An Irish Blessing by Locomotion, the school’s choir, the senior class each took their turns walking across the stage, their diplomas in hand. Upon stepping off of said stage, they received an Orange Tiger Lily, the class flower.

The class was then presented before the crowd, now graduates of Montpelier High School. The event was commemorated with the singing of the school’s alma mater, and then the former students were dismissed, walking out of the school facility and into the real world.

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