Montpelier High School Talent Show Uncovers Some Real Gems

IMG_0090.JPGBy: Timothy Kays

The students of the Montpelier High and Junior High Schools gathered in the gymnasium on May 18 for an entertaining showcase of home-grown amateur talent.

The event commenced with a ‘Remember When’ session was staged by the Senior Class Officers. Trivia from the school years of the Class of 2015 was recalled, some of which generated a lot of laughs. One of these was when Jacob Leung recalled, “Remember when Connor Link actually stayed awake in class?”

After the completion of the opener, the junior high students filed into the gym for the start of the talent show, and there was a considerable amount to showcase. From Wyatt Beck impersonating Eric Church, to a clarinet solo from Audrey Pirtle, to vocal performances from Garrison Moses and others, the diversity of talent was extensive.

The talent included acts that morphed while in process. The card magic trick act of Jared Sargent was one such act, as it started out as a magic act. By the time it was over though, the magic had unintentionally become a pretty good comedy act.

It was a difficult call for the judges, who enjoyed every act. In the end though, it was Bri Oxenham taking home first prize with her piano solo of ‘Let it Go.’

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