Montpelier Junior High Takes Down Delta

(September 9th, 2014)-DELTA: Both the Seventh and Eighth Grade Locomotives were able to defeat the Panthers of Delta on the road, and in straight sets at that.

The Seventh Grade Lady Locos were able to control the pace of the match, and win both games with relative ease. Game 1 saw Montpelier get off to a strong start, taking the set 25-14. Delta didn’t fair much better in the second set, either, as the Locos claimed victory for the game and the match 25-16.

As for the Montpelier Eighth Graders, they had a bit more of a challenge on their hands. The first set was a hard fought battle. But it was the Lady Locomotives who came out on top with a 25-23 win. They were able to successfully close out the match in game 2, earning a 25-17 win.

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