Montpelier Loyal Order Of The Moose Hits The Century Mark

2016-05-10 100th Anniversary Montpelier Moose - TK (16) WEB

May 10 has its prominence in history. In 1823, the first steamboat to ever navigate the Mississippi River arrived in Fort Snelling, Minnesota. In 1869, the first Transcontinental Railroad was completed with the driving of the ceremonial ‘Golden Spike’. In 1908, Mother’s Day was observed for the first time, and eight years later, in a small village known as Montpelier, Ohio, Lodge 312 of the Loyal Order of the Moose was established. A century later, a special ceremony was held to commemorate a century together of the Moose in Montpelier.
On the afternoon of May 10, Montpelier Mayor Steve Yagelski came to the Montpelier Moose Lodge to commemorate the 100th anniversary occasion. Noting amongst its 1,976 members are, “…a lot of individuals who want to give back to the community,” Mayor Yagelski continued, “On behalf of the village, I’d like to say, ‘thank you’. To do that, I have a Proclamation that I’d like to read, because it speaks a lot about what we as elected officials and members of the whole community have to say to you.”
With that, the Mayor, flanked by officials of the Loyal Order of the Moose, read the Proclamation aloud. In closing, Mayor Yagelski read, “Therefore, be it proclaimed by Mayor Steven L. Yagelski, and signed and sealed on this tenth day of May, 2016, that the community recognizes and honors the dedication, service and commitment of the Loyal Order of the Moose Lodge 312, as to its community for the past 100 years. Moose Lodge 312…happy birthday, and thank you.”
Congratulations to the members of Lodge 312 of the Loyal Order of the Moose on your 100th Anniversary of service to the community of Montpelier.

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