Montpelier Man Aims To Help Less Fortunate From The Outside-In


Many people talk about problems such as the plight of the homeless and leave it at that.

Not Wayne Staszel. The Montpelier man is putting together a special trailer so homeless people can feel better about themselves on the outside and inside.

The idea has now become Brighter Image Mobile Salon, a new ministry that will have its debut event May 20 in Toledo.  The concept for such a ministry came from a conversation Staszel had with an auctioneer friend from Texas.

“He had mentioned a need for it in his area,” Staszel said.  After discussing what his friend had to say about his plans, Staszel thought, “We can do that up this way.”

The motivation to help the disadvantaged came from the effects of drug addiction on society and how desperate it has become. It pains him to see homeless veterans and the underprivileged.

“I have always been for the underdog,” Staszel said. “I’m not the type of person that just sits back and talks about it.”

Knowing he had an enclosed trailer, he set about getting it ready to serve as a salon.  He also began to look for ministry partner already in place in the city.

“I didn’t want to just pack up and go to inner city Toledo and start giving haircuts,” Staszel said.

He contacted Jim Stanberry with Cherry Street Mission and talked with about his plans for a mobile enhancement unit. The goal was to enhance the outward appearance which would affect the inward, Staszel said. This would include a nice hair cut and polished shoes for the men and a fresh polish for the fingernails for the women.

The pair discussed how working together might look like, Staszel said. A couple days later, he got an email from Toledo.

“He loved it,” Staszel said. “He said, ‘We need something like this.’”

So Staszel and Stanberry’s team met on a recent Monday night and took care of some concerns. Namely, the safety of the team, he said. “We are going to be posted on Cherry Street Mission’s facility,” Staszel said.  “That’s going to provide a safe environment, because there is plenty of people around.”

The mission will screen the recipients who will receive the haircuts. Those who use the facilities regularly and trying to get out on their own will get priority, Staszel said.

“Maybe some guys have got interviews,” Staszel said. “We are going to clean them up, shoe shines, fingernails, whatever it may take.”

The Montpelier group, all members of the Fight Club at Edgerton’s Life Changing Realities Fellowship, will conduct Bible studies, shine shoes and sweep up hair. The mission has residents who will serve as stylists. The mission will provide security and make sure all recipients have showered.

“It will be a unit that provides outer enhancement, inner enhancement, fellowship and camaraderie,” Staszel said.

Once established, Staszel would like to go to Toledo twice a month. The next time out the team would go to the mission’s women’s house.

Support for the ministry comes from Staszel’s business Aqua Force and some of his clients. He and his crew were on a job in North Manchester, Indiana, where the client donated two cosmetology chairs and supplies for the cause.

The local group, Just for Kicks, will supply shoes that Tassel’s team will take to Toledo.

Staszel has a friend who has equipped the trailer with outlets so a generator can be plugged in providing 110 volts. The flooring will be like a salon, he said.

“It’s going to be nice,” Staszel said.

As for how long the trailer will open for depends on the reception. None of his team has to work that day so they can stay for as a long as needed, Staszel said.

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