Montpelier Middle-Schooler Hosts Shoe Giveaway

A Montpelier sixth-grader got rave reviews after hosting a shoe giveaway recently at her school.

Twelve-year-old Jade Scott has run her own nonprofit group called Montpelier Hugs and found a way to expand her outreach through the Disney Channel. The results are that 200 or so people have new shoes and many adults have been impressed with the pre-teen girl.

The journey to the shoe giveaway began last year when Jade was watching the Disney Channel and saw an ad about a promotion the company was sponsoring called “Summer of Service.” Jade had wanted to do the shoe giveaway and entered her idea into the contest.

“I was one of 340 kids chosen in the United States,” Jade said. “Disney gave us $500, which we used to buy new shoes.”

Along with some donated shoes, the effort had around 300 pairs when the day of the giveaway arrived. The lines were long when the event opened and people were moved in and out quickly, Jade said.

“We handed out 200 pairs,” Jade said. “We kept putting on shoes until they fit.”

The rush was huge at the start, but it petered out in about two hours, Jade said. While the event was shorter than she expected, she was proud of being able to hand out so many shoes.

School officials did not understand her request to host the event at the school at first, mom Jaimi Geren said. But once they understood, they were impressed with her daughter, she said.

Now with the giveaway completed, the family would like to host another one next summer as the students get ready for school. The challenge is getting the shoes.

“We have had a shoe drive, but people are reluctant to give their shoes,” Geren said. “It takes a lot of money.”
If anyone would like to donate cash or shoes, call Geren at 419-212-4679.

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