Montpelier Music Boosters Delight With Chocolate Soirée Program

02-08-2015-Music Boosters Soire-Montpelier-T (67) WEBBy: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

Chocolate and music.

The two just sound as though they belong together. Just think of the euphoria of savoring a piece of rich chocolate while a soft melody takes hold over your thoughts, enticing your senses to simply give in and enjoy the metaphorical ride.

The combination would also make for a heck of a fundraiser.

Of course, the Montpelier Music Boosters were well aware of this, as they hosted their fourth annual Chocolate Soirée on Sunday, February 8. Those wishing to support the Montpelier Local Schools’ Music Department filed into the facility’s Auditeria in droves, eager to both here musical performances and stuff their faces with a magnificent array of chocolate and other sweets.

Members of the Montpelier High School Band and Choir entertained the crowd with musical pieces they performed at the county Solo and Ensemble contest the previous week. The Montpelier High School Jazz Band also gave a riveting performance, as did a flute quartet of former and current music and band teachers.

Both silent and live auctions were held during the event. Prizes were donated by local businesses, residents, and even the Montpelier School Board. All proceeds from every sale will go toward funding the Montpelier Music Department.

A fusion as delectable as music and chocolate being put to use for such a worthy cause? How could anyone resist?

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