Montpelier Parks and Recreation Department Holds Monthly Meeting

The Montpelier Parks and Recreation Department held their monthly meeting on April 2, 2014 at 7pm. Those present for the meeting were Jennifer Schlosser, Doug Summers, Kay Cox,Sandy Gordon, Don Brown and Pam Lucas. Lexie Zuver and Darold Moore were absent.

The meeting was called to order, and both the minutes and financal reports were approved. Don Brown provided the park update. He has been busy picking up trash and branches throughout the park. He recently attended an OSHA meeting on bloodborn pathogens as well. He has been working diigently throughtout the park getting everything ready for the upcoming season. Mr. Brown has also been conducting interveiws for park help. He has April 26th set to interview lifegaurds for the pool. Due to changes in federeal regualations there will be a change in which guards will be able to tend to the water slide. The attendant must be at least 16 years of age because the water is power driven.

Quotes were also reviewed from three sepaerate businesses for purchasing 14 guage type 304 stainless steel urinals and toliets for the bathroom facilities at the park. A motion was made and approved to allow Mr. Brown to proceed with the purchase once the final details were worked out. Having stainess steel will eliminate the cracking as seen in porcelin throughout the winter months.

Sandy Gordon provided the recreation report. The program guides will be sent to the press this week and they should retun the first week in May. She has also been conducting interviews for concession stand help. The parks sponsorship fee is now $500 and this will pay for equipment and treats.

With summer quickly approaching, the parks lunch program will be running. The park has received approximately $1500 in donations to this program. Thank you letters will be sent out shortly to those contributers. Last year 2000 lunches were provided and this year the expectations are similar. The board then went into executive session. The board meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Recreation Office located at 932 South Pleasant Street at 7:00 p.m.

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