Montpelier School Board Optimistic About Student Performance and Funding

Brysin, Huntre, and Brode Swalley were recognized by the Board for their achievements.  Also recognized was Brooke Wheeler (not pictured).

Brysin, Huntre, and Brode Swalley were recognized by the Board for their achievements. Also recognized was Brooke Wheeler (not pictured).

By:  Chelsie Firestone


Optimism was a prominent theme during the Montpelier School Board’s monthly meeting on Thursday, February 7.  Elementary Principal, Connie Graham, noted that while some students are currently not reading at grade level, comprehensive classroom and Title 1 interventions are aiding those students in progressing and that with such interventions some students have already caught up.

Student progress in academics and behavior was also highlighted during the Student Achievement Liaison report.  Students Brysin, Huntre, and Brode Swalley, as well as Brooke Wheeler, were all recognized for their continued efforts and improvements in academics and citizenship.

Along with optimism about student performance, some optimism about funding from the state was also expressed.  Superintendent Jamison Grime noted that the governor’s first proposed state budget has been released and that he is cautiously optimistic about the increase in funding that the proposed budget shows for Montpelier Schools over the next two years. Grime explained “I’m cautiously optimistic about what the proposed budget shows but this is only the first proposed budget.  The first proposed budgets are usually very different than the budget that actually gets approved.”

Along with reporting about student performance and the proposed state budget the board also conducted regular business and took action on many motions in the areas of finance and contracts.

All financial statements for January 2013 were approved as presented.  CFO/Treasurer Abby Sharp highlighted many donations including:  $350 donated from the Montpelier Rotary Club to the Guidance Department for the HOBY Youth Leadership Camp, $375 donated from Fathers Interested in Restoring Sports Tradition to Girls’ Basketball, $200 donated from Cindy Sutter to Archery, $100 donated from CK Technologies to Locomotion for their trip to New York, and $600 donated from Target’s Target Field Trips Program to Jen Martin and the third grade towards a field trip.

Also highlighted was a total of $830 in donations given to the graduating class of 2014. Contributing towards this total donation are Jim Rockey, Werlor Inc., FacklerMonuments, Edon Farmer’s Co-op, Winzler’s Stamping, Thompson-Geesey Funeral Homes, Ring’s Pharmacy, and Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 2246.

Concerning the employment of certified staff, the retirement of Cindy Zimmerman at the end of the school year, the position of a substitute principal at $150 per day, Randall Stuckey for that position, graduate hours for Joseph Brigle for the 2012-2013 school year, and the addition of Stefanie Sclatter to the substitute teacher list for the 2012-2013 school year were all approved.

Supplemental contracts for the 2012-2013 approved include:  Jassmine Reyes (Right to Read Chair), Lance Thorp (Head Baseball), Timothy Ford (Assistant Baseball), Taylor Muehlfeld (Assistant Baseball), Shawne Bonney (Head Softball), Katie Zimmerman (Assistant Softball), Troy Roth (Head Track), Blayne Bible (Assistant Track), Anthony Coleman (Assistant Track),  Ryan Bonitz (Assistant Track), Jason Johnston (Junior High Track), Steve Brancheau (Junior High Track), and Lance Thorp (Game Manager).

Concerning the employment of classified staff, the retirement of Carol Brown at the end of the school year was approved along with supplemental contracts for the 2012-2013 school year for Kendra Augilara (Assistant Softball), Jill Altaffer (Softball Volunteer), and Logan McKelvey (Volunteer Baseball).

Other motions brought forward and approved include the revision of the High School/Junior High Handbook regarding the Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy, the Rules and Guidelines for Montpelier High School Baseball, Softball, and Track, and the internet agreement with North Buckeye Education Council.

The right for the Board to solicit bids for a new 30 passenger bus and 9 passenger van was also approved.  Grime explained that there are too many instances where just a small number of students travel on an 84 passenger bus and that the purchase of smaller vehicles would allow the school to save money in terms of gas mileage.


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