Montpelier Schools Compete in Robotic Competition

Matt Kaullen is Montpelier High School’s AP & CP Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, and Robotics Instructor and his students competed over the weekend of April 10th, 11th and 12th at the National Robotics Challenge in Marion, Ohio.

They brought out their mini sumos, a couple of hockey bots, and the maze robots for a review with the CK Technologies engineers and employees prior to the challenge. This helped them to do a dry run and correct any issues, before the competition. CK Technologies has been one of the sponsors and mentors of this class for the last few years, along with Greg Lee of CK Technology being very instrumental in the support for this program.

Every year before a competition, Matt and the student bring their robots out to ‘play’ and review them with the employees and engineering group at CK Technologies. This year, Christina Keller, President of CK Technologies was present and enjoyed the presentation. She congratulated Matt and the students in their hard work on the robots and wished them luck at the competition.

The National Robotics Challenge had over 70 schools and 406 robots. Mr. Kaullen brought 11 students and 16 robots to the competition. The students advanced to the final 8 in every event they competed in and won the Gold in robot hockey (Austin Schudel & Garrett Frantom) and Tactile Maze (Tyler McDaniel). They won Silver in Robot Hockey (Tyler McDaniel & Kobe Leung) and 125# RC Sumo (Tyler McDaniel & Kobe Leung). For more information on the competition you can check out the webpage at:

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