Montpelier Students To Open “Little Shop Of Horrors”

DSC_2285By: T.J. Hug
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The Montpelier Music Department is set to put on its annual musical this coming weekend, with director Garrett Leininger selecting Little Shop of Horrors as the play this year. Whether one is a fan of film or musicals in general, that name should be a familiar one.

The movie version, starring Rick Moranis, is a cult classic, though most of the cast of the Montpelier interpretation aren’t aware of that.

“A couple of them have seen the movie,” Leininger admitted, “but most were clueless as to what happened in the show.”

As for how many similarities will be shared between the musical and the movie, Leininger, though his memory is a bit hazy on the film version, believes there are many.

“I think, for the most part, it plays out the same.”

One of the things that stands out most about a show such as this one are the songs accompanying the story.

“The music is more upbeat.” Said Leininger of the soundtrack.

That’s a major reason why Leininger selected Little Shop of Horrors as the school’s theatrical offering this year was the musical score. With a unique blend of pop and rock musical styles, he felt as though the students could really get into the play.

As for the plot itself, the story revolves around Seymour, a shop owner who creates a new breed of plant which feeds on a “special ingredient.” Seymour falls in love with a girl named Audrey, and soon a critical decision has to be made.

“He has to choose between fame and fortune, and the disaster that comes with it,” Described Leininger, “or destroying his fame and fortune, and being with the one he loves.”

That’s not to say this play is a love story, though.

“Kind of.” Leininger addressed the issue. “There’s a small love story thread throughout. But there are a lot of strange actions as well.”

The part of Seymour will be played by Sam Rings, while Maddie Richmond will take on the role of Audrey. The grouping of Meili Leung, Hannah Blake, and Misheala Robertson will serve as the Doo-op Trio charged with narrating the show. Michael Blake will play the part of Orin, the Demented Dentist, and Colin Rockey has been given the role of Mushnik, the original owner of the store.
The performers are ready to for the show, according to their director.

“They are definitely prepared.” Leininger proclaimed. “Things are coming together nicely.”

“It should be a good week, and we should be totally ready.”

Proceeds for the play will be put back into the Music Department. Of course, before the earnings can be considered profit, there are several expenses which must be addressed, with royalties for all three showings, set building, props, and costumes being among them.

Those interested in purchasing a ticket can do so at the school’s website. Or, one could call the school to procure their tickets. Then again, they could simply buy them on the evening of the play.

There will be no reserve seating this year.

“It’s a show for people of all ages.” Leininger informed.

Indeed, it should be an instant classic.

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