Montpelier Trackside Modelers Organization Host Open House

02-07-2015-Trackside Modelers Open House-Montpelier-T (3)By: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

There are few things more enthralling than captivating not only one’s own imagination, but other people’s as well.

Over the weekend of February 6, the Montpelier Trackside Modelers hoped to do just that with the residents of their town. The organization hosted an open house on the following Saturday and Sunday, inviting anyone and everyone to step into their world, both figuratively and literally, and see what the Modelers are all about.

Children, teenagers, and adults alike walked into the Modelers’ elaborate track set up, spanning both rooms of their rented space. Some marveled at the unique and intricate details which comprised of the “Modeler’s Montpelier.” Others were just excited to see the trains move on their own, staring in awe as they wondered what the engine would do next. There was even a scavenger hunt for those feeling adventurous.

The weekend seemed to be a success for the Trackside Modelers. Several people stopped in for the open house, and those people were informed on what the Modelers do, as well as why they do it.
And if anyone was interested in joining, there’s no doubt the organization would have responded with a rousing “All aboard!”

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