Montpelier Village Council Accepts The Resignation Of Village Manager


Members of the Montpelier Village Council accepted the resignation of Village Manager, Pam Lucas, during the January 11 regular session.

Prior to the beginning of the meeting, Clerk of Council, Becky Semer, administered the oath of office to Councilors Nathan Thompson and Chris Kannel, and Mayor Steve Yagelski.

Shortly after coming to order, Council went into executive session to discuss personnel and a possible interview for the vacant Council seat.

Councilor Dan Willis stated that Council decided that since Mr. Jim Rockey resigned before taking office, Council felt it was only right to go back to the election that was held in November for Council candidates, and Cheri Streicher was the next in line according to the vote count. Mr. Willis and the rest of Council thanked Kevin Motter for expressing interest in the position. After unanimous approval, Clerk of Council, Becky Semer, administered the oath of office to Cheri Streicher, filling the vacancy left by Mr. Jim Rockey’s resignation on December 21, 2015. Council also named Mr. Dan Clum Council President for 2016.

Mayor Yagelski stated that the Income Tax Review Board has to be changed because of the changes with HB 5. Mayor Yagelski stated he also added the OMEA Alternate and is appointing Councilor Laura Gray.

Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. Kelly Hephner presented the proposed amendments to the Residential Utility Procedures Rules and Regulations. There was significant discussion on payment plans and other items, including procedures for utility cutoffs. The changes discussed will be made and the Residential Utility Rules and Regulations will be put on the January 25, 2016 agenda for approval.

Mrs. Pam Lucas presented the Council Rules and Regulations for review and discussion. Ms. Semer noted that many of the changes are just explanations of the different meetings, procedures, terms for the meeting. Ms. Semer wanted Council to review these rules and make suggestions for a Resolution to be presented at the next meeting.

She did state the she has put in a deadline for receiving items for the council packet.

Council accepted the resignations of Jenny Best and Ken Hand from the Montpelier Fire Department. Chief Dail Fritsch stated that Jenny Best had seven years on the department and Ken Hand had 13 years. Mayor Yagelski extended a thank you to Jenny and Ken for their years of service. Being a member of the fire department takes a lot of time away from family.

Mrs. Lucas presented a proposal from Chief Fritsch for a new 2017 Smeal Rescue Pumper 1250 single pump 1,000 gallon water tank, with a rescue style body, full height roll up doors that could hold 6 people, full PPE. The cost with loose equipment is $575,000.00. This would replace Engine 69 which was purchased in 1986 and is a two man unit. Chief Fritch will look into the sale values of Engines 67 and 69, as well as investigate the potential of other quotes.

Mrs. Hephner reported that as of the end of December 2015, income tax collections total $1,863,598.00 as compared to $1,865,487.00 and $1,676,489.00 in 2014 and 2013 respectively. We were down a .10%.

Council retired into executive session with Mr. John Courtney to discuss the acquisition of property. Upon returning to regular session, Councilor Chris Kannel moved and Councilor Dan Willis seconded a motion to accept, with regrets, the retirement of Pam Lucas as Village Manager effective July 24, 2016.


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