Montpelier Village Council Addresses Town Hall Roofing And Moore Industries Tap Issues


Pelier VC - TK 001By: Timothy Kays


Members of the Montpelier Village Council met to a light agenda in regular session on the evening of April 27.

Due to expansion, Moore Industries, located at 1317 Henricks Drive in the Village, requested that Council waive the water and sewer tap fees for what may be another expansion. As Mr. Kurt Roan, the Supervisor of Administrative Services for the Village explained, “The square footage that they’ve added in the last two additions, plus the additional employees, they may need to put in a rest room. With all the concrete driveway that they have out there, they can’t get back to the original tap.” Council approved the waivers without dissent.

Council also addressed a revised quote from Distinctive Roof Serviced for the Town Hall roofing. Due to an earlier miscalculation in square footage, the previous quote was amended from $28,000 to $38,200. Mr. Jason Luke, the owner of the local business, apologized to Mr. Roan and Village Manager, Ms. Pam Lucas. Mr. Luke has served the Village in the past, prior to the opening of his own business. Ms. Lucas recommended staying with Mr. Luke for the job. Councilor Dan Willis wondered if the bids should all be reevaluated, and inquired as to what the amounts were on the other submitted bids. Mr. Roan replied, “One of them was over $80,000, and the other was over $100,000…more like $110,000.” Mayor Steve Yagelski added, “If we’re in that ballpark, then we have to do a public works contract. The job will go for prevailing wage. That $10,000 will vanish.” Council agreed to accept the revised quote from Mr. Luke.

Mayor Yagelski read into the record an official Village Proclamation marking the National Day of Prayer on May 7, noting that Montpelier Community Services will be held at the First Presbyterian Church at 114 West Washington Street. The event, which is open to the public, will begin at 8:30 a.m. with a continental breakfast, followed by a message from Williams County Probate Judge, the Honorable Steven R. Bird, which will then be followed by prayers led by members of the Montpelier clergy.

In other actions taken by Council on the evening, Resolution 1112 pertaining to the transfer of funds for the Police Pension was passed under suspended rules of reading. Also passed under suspended rules was Resolution 1113, amending appropriations for 2015 by $5,500. Council approved the Fire Contracts for Bridgewater and Jefferson Townships without dissent, with the Bridgewater contract coming in at $6,865, and the contract for Jefferson Township being at $24,795.

Mayor Yagelski noted that the Alert86 program was on top of the recent break-ins in the Village, and encouraged those who have yet to sign up for the free advisory service to do so without delay. He encouraged citizens to volunteer to assist the elderly, who stand to be potentially confused by the process, in getting signed up. The process can be completed online at, or via telephone at 419-633-5098.

Council retired into executive session to discuss personnel issues, with no action coming from the session.

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