Montpelier Village Council Approves Multiple Legislative Matters


IMG_0558.JPGBy: Chelsie Firestone

Mayor Steve Yagelski called the April 13 regular meeting of the Montpelier Village to order on at 6:00p.m. Roll call for the meeting found all members present and was followed by a word of prayer, offered by Pastor Hanover, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Steve Yagelski read the proclamation for Arbor Day and noted that the 13 member Tree Commission volunteer organization is very active in the community. The minutes from the March meeting were met with approval. Financial reports for March 2015 were tabled until the April 27 meeting.

Chris Kannel addressed council, informing them that, after 3.5 years of effort, the First National Bank building is almost finished. Additional information on the April 18 open house are detailed in a full article on the open house and renovation process.

Councilman Dan Willis noted that the Montpelier Task Force met again and had a very informative meeting. He also suggested that if any other council members would like to attend that they please do so. There have been very good discussions between the Village, Ministerial Association, and Chamber of Commerce.

Mrs. Lucas presented the 2015 Fire Contract for Superior Township. It has been approved and signed by the Superior Township Trustees, with the amount of the contract for the 2015 at $33,513.00. The contract was unanimously approved by Council.

Mrs. Lucas also advised that bids were opened up for the 2015 Asphalt project on April 1. We received four bids. The low bidder was M & M Asphalt of Blakeslee. Mr. Kurt Roan has reviewed all the information and found an error on M & M Asphalt’s bid. The bid received was for $82,445.53 and, after reviewing the bid items, the bid should be at $82,469.82. Roan recommended that the bid be approved for that amount and noted that the estimate was $113,700.00. There was also discussion by council on the significant differences in the bid items and whether it will cost later in add-ons. Mrs. Lucas advised council to pay by whatever yardage or unit of measure is required.

Councilman Nathan Thompson asked if the project is completed under the budgeted amount if council could complete another block of work. Mrs. Lucas advised that, yes, this is possible. With that, the bid was unanimously approved at the recommended amount.

Mrs. Lucas also presented Ordinance 2182. The ordinance is to rezone 712 Bryant Street, Parcel No. 072-110-56-007.000 East Depot Street from R-2 Residential to M-2 General Industrial. Mrs. Gray stated that the Planning and Zoning Commission revisited the issue. The Planning and Zoning Commission feels that the street vacation is a different issue and recommends proceeding with the rezoning. Mayor Yagelski stated that there was another issue brought up on the zoning map and that Becky Semer and Mark Smith researched the issue and it is believed to be an oversight. The zoning map will be reviewed. It was also noted that Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt originally came to the Planning and Zoning Commission for the rezoning issue only. Mrs. Gray stated it is understood we need a right of way for utilities. The topic of the trailers was also brought up and he understands the Village’s position. The ordinance was read by title and passed on third reading.

Mrs. Lucas presented Resolution 1111, a resolution to contract for cleaning of the Waste Water Treatment Plant’s Anaerobic Digester. This is an emergency measure. Mrs. Lucas stated that the Village has been contemplating the need to clean out the digester and money has been set aside with hope it would be doable this later in the year. Mr. Pat Oxender explained that is has been 15 years since it has been cleared out and was part of the Chase Brass project. Mayor Yagelski suggested maybe having it done every 10 years from a planning stand point. Mr. Oxender stated that the work the contractors do is seasonal and they normally have a contract with cities on a 3 to 5 year rotation and are usually busy this time of year. However, Burch Hydro is available now to do the work and may not have time later. It was noted that very few cities dispose of their sludge themselves. The EPA regulations are going to be increasing and a contract would take care of this issue. Mr. Oxender noted that an engineering firm did a bio-solid study last year. This is somewhat related but, as far as the capacity of the treatment plant for our area, we are fine. The quote up for approval involved a process where equipment is brought in to pump the sludge out of the tank and add a polymer to it. This is followed by belt press squeezing out excess water and the remains will be pumped into bags to dry creating a solid “cake” that will then be ready to be taken to the landfill. The Village will haul the sludge cakes with their dump truck to the landfill to save costs. Mr. Oxender stated that there is testing required by the EPA that needs to be done so this extra process will be better and offer more flexibility. The two quoted processes are a little different but have the same end result.

Resolution 1111 was unanimously approved under emergency language that suspended the three reading rule.

Mrs. Kelly Hephner mentioned that February’s bill included a flyer advising the garbage dates for holidays. This information is also posted on the website.

Additionally, Mrs. Hephner advised that income tax collections as of the end of March 2015 are $494,653.00 as compared to $411,236.00 and $439,812.00 in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

There being no further business to come before Council, Mr. Delmar Karnes moved and Mr. Dan Willis seconded a motion to adjourn. The next meeting of the Montpelier Village Council will be held on April 27 at 6:00 PM in the Police Station Meeting Room.

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