Montpelier Village Council Approves ODOT/MVPO Bicycle Path Resolution

Montpelier High School freshman Jaret Dye displays his award willing designs for the Village of Montpelier, and the Montpelier Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Ellen Smith, Deputy Director, Transportation Planner and Geographic Information System Analyst for the Maumee Valley Planning Organization (MVPO), addressed members of the Montpelier Village Council at their January 23 regular session. Working in concert with ODOT, Ms. Smith presented a proposal for a state bicycle route that would pass through the south side of the Village, and sought a Council resolution in support of the same.

Tentatively dubbed Bicycle Route 90, this proposed bicycle route would interconnect with other bicycle routes in the state, with the ultimate goal, according to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the Adventure Cycling Association, being an interconnected U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS).

Coming into Fulton County from the east, the proposed Route 90 would follow the Wabash Cannonball Trail (WCT) westbound, taking a 2/10 mile jog north on County Road 11, then westbound on County Road F, before turning south on County Road 13 for another 2/10 mile jog to reconnect with the WCT. The WCT would then be followed 24 miles into Williams County, where Route 90 would leave the trail and turn south on Williams County Road 13. The route would then turn westward on County Road K / Brown Road for 4.5 miles, when it would turn south on County Road 8.50. At the intersection with County Road J, the route would turn westward, only to turn south again at County Road 7.50. After about two miles on Road 7.50, Bicycle Route 90 makes its final turn, again going westward, following County Road H to the Ohio / Indiana border.

Ms. Smith pointed out the potential for economic development that would come along with increased bicycle tourism to the area. Upon completion of her presentation, Council turned their attention to Resolution 1160, in support of the proposed bicycle route. Under suspended rules of reading, Council approved the measure without dissent.

Village Director of Finance, Ms. Kelly Hephner, reported that Tax Specialist Ms. Kim Smith of the Central Collection Agency (CCA) would be in the Village to assist with free Montpelier income tax return preparations at the Village Hall on April 3, from noon until 8:00 p.m. Ms. Hephner reminded all citizens that they can get assistance with the Village tax forms from the Village staff any day during regular business hours. All that is needed are the forms and information usually required in order to file taxes, including a W-2, a 1099, and any estimated payments.

Council approved Resolution 1161 pertaining to amended appropriations, as well as the Cruise-In dates for 2017, and a measure to increase blanket purchase orders from a $100 maximum, to a $200 maximum. Council appointed Ms. Becky Semer as a replacement for Village Manager Kevin Brooks as the Village representative to the Williams County Board of Health.

Council was introduced to Mr. Jaret Dye. A freshman at Montpelier High School, Mr. Dye’s designs for new logos for the Village and the Montpelier Chamber of Contest were selected out of several submitted in a recent contest.

Mr. Brooks announced the upcoming retirement of Supervisor of Administrative Services, Kurt Roan. Mr. Bill Blakely, the current Montpelier Water Treatment Plant Superintendent, was named Deputy Supervisor of Administrative Services, and will assume the supervisory title upon the retirement of Mr. Roan.

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