Montpelier Village Council Holds July 14 Meeting; Approves Improvement Expenditures

DSC_4787 WEBMONTPELIER, July 14, 2014: The Montpelier Village Council held their monthly meeting on July 14 at the Police Department Conference Room. Mayor Steve Yagelski called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. and the roll was taken. Present were Council members Dan Clum, Laura Gray, Delmar Karnes, Dan Willis, Jim Rocky and Nathan Thompson.

After a moment of silence and the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, the council took care of housekeeping measures; adopting the revised agenda for the evening’s meeting along with the minutes for the June 23 meeting, and adopting the June 2014 Financial Report. Additionally, in comments from the council members, Mayor Yagelski commented on the state of maintenance of the Main Street Park, noting the tremendous job the Parks Department has continued, and mentioning Richard Bircham for his efforts in cleaning the park area. The council also discussed the installation of the new Sewage Meter at the Menards Facility, with Mayor Yagelski setting a target deadline of October 31, 2014 for completion.

In comments from the audience, Mr. Dick Hutchison, Frontier Communications Regional Manager addressed the Council, briefing the members on recent improvements and upgrades to area services, increasing the speed and capacity of cable service, as well adding new packages for customers.

Up first on the agenda in Council Business, the council moved to award the bid for the Phase IV CSO project bid to “Underground Utilities,” contingent upon WPCFL Funding. WPCLF is a grant to the Village, and its expected distribution date will be July 24, 2014. The Council unanimously approved the bid, and the project is expected to be underway by the end of the month. The Council also addressed a motion to approve a “Then and Now Certificate” for the Salt Purchase Program, which the Council approved unanimously.

Next up on the agenda was Resolution 1095-2104, entitled “Asphalt Program,” resolution to advertise for bid and contract. The contract will be for improvements on Magda Drive, and on Bryant Street from West Lawrence Street to Court Street. The motion was unanimously approved.

Resolution 1096-2014 was on the table next, addressing the advertisement for “Bid and Contract for Materials and Appurtenances” for the Airport Substation Expansion Project. The resolution will allow the Village to purchase and install required items the Village will install in conjunction with the project. The motion was unanimously approved by the Council. In final measures, the Council unanimously approved the June 2014 Income Tax Report.

After a motion to move to executive session to discuss personnel matters, the motion was moved by Laura Gray and seconded by Delmar Karnes, then unanimously approved by the council.

The next Montpelier Village Council meeting will take place on July 28, 2014 in the Village Police department Conference Room.

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