Montpelier Village Council Holds Meeting

locos jThe Montpelier Village Council held their first meeting for 2013 on Monday, January 14. Nathan Thompson was appointed Council President during the meeting and other concerns of the village were discussed.

Mayor Steve Yagelski opened the meeting by stating that there is an opening that will be available on the planning commission. He is asking that any resident interested in that position to submit their name. Yagelski also asked business owners to remember to clear sidewalks of snow. Police Chief Jeff Lehman added that the time frame for clearing sidewalks is 8 hours after the end of snowfall for businesses and 12 hours for all other residents.

A resolution opposing House Bill 601 was also discussed and approved. The bill would change the way income tax is collected and could cost the village an average of $45,000 a year. It was explained that the bill will be renamed and reintroduced this year. Director of Finance, Kelly Hephner, noted that two particular areas of concern are the loss of carry forward and the 20 day rule which would allow contractors to not tax an employee until the employee has worked in the village for 20 days. Hephner stated “I feel strongly we need to make our opposition known and maintain our rights of taxation.”

All Council Committees and Boards and Commissions were also given a blanket approval. Serving on committees in 2013 are: Budget and Finance: Jim Rockey, Nathan Thompson, Ric Echler. Personnel and Safety: Jason Rockey, Jim Rockey, Dan Clum. Utility: Delmar Karnes, Dan Clum, Jason Rockey.

Serving on boards in 2013 are: Board of Appeals: Nathan Thompson, Becky Semer, Ryan Frese. Design and Review Board: Jim Rockey, Patrick Thorp, John Dye, Jim Cheadle, Mark Smith (chairman). Fire Dependents: Eric Smith (President), Brian Fritsch (Secretary), Delmar Karnes, Dan Clum, Jeff Wiles. Fair Housing Board: Molly Startzman, Bonnie Warner, Tom Bidlack. Park Board: Lexie Zuver, Jennifer Schlosser, Darold Moore, Kay Cox, Doug Summers. Planning/Zoning: Mayor Steve Yagelski, Laura Gray, Patrick Thorp, Nathan Thompson, Chris Kannel, Mark Smith (Zoning Inspector), Kurt Roan, Becky Semer.

Serving on other boards and commissions in 2013 are: Records Commission: Becky Semer, Pam Lucas, Chris Walker, Kelly Hephner, Molly Startzman. Tree Commission Members: Dave Allman, Ron Andrews, Tom Bidlack, Mark Coblentz, Carlton Gray, Gert Michael, Delmar Karnes, Frank Middleton, Roy Rozell, Dave White, Marvin Willibey, Mark Smith (Forrester), Ric Echler, Marshall Donaldson. WEDCO: Kurt Roan, Steve Raymond, Pam Lucas (alternate). Income Tax Review Board: Carol Erickson, Tammy Schuman, Marva Whitney. Tax Incentive Review: Pam Lucas, Jason Rockey. Friends of The Park, Inc: Marilyn McKelvey, Paul McCord, Chris Kirk, Lexie Zuver, Doug Summers, Darold Moore, Kelly Hephner, Don Brown, Sandy Gordon. Main Street Park Committee: Lori Burcham, Dane and Marge Michael, Barb Dietsch, Carlton Gray, Laura Gray, Marilyn McKelvey, Jane Robinett, Chris Kirk, Delmar Karnes, Sandy Gordon, Don Brown.

The 2013 Council Meeting Schedule was also approved. The Council will meet on the second and fourth Mondays of every month at 7:30 pm in the Police Department meeting room. The only exceptions to this will be that the second May meeting will be moved to Tuesday, May 28, in observation of Memorial Day and that there will only be one meeting in December to be held on December 16. Council noted there will also be a meeting at 7:25 pm just prior to the January 28 meeting to discuss farm land application renewals as well as two zoning ordinances.

Council went into executive action to discuss security arrangements, emergency response protocols, and acquisitions of property. No actions were taken upon return to open session.

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