Montpelier Village Council Passes Resolution Opposing House Bill 5


The October 28 meeting of the Montpelier Village Council opened with a prayer given by Pastor Hanover of the Montpelier First United Methodist Church. Hanover, new to the area this June, was welcomed by council. Audience member Laura Gray thanked the village for having the sidewalks around Main Street Park completed before the annual Trick-or-Treat event. This had been an issue of concern as completion of the sidewalk project had been delayed due to unforeseen circumstance, and unfinished sidewalks could have been a safety hazard; however, village crews rallied and the sidewalks were completed prior to the event, providing a safe walkway for the activity in the park. She added that the Trick-or-Treating in the park was well attended by both those passing out treats, and the children who sought them.

Council member and Tree Commission member Delmar Karnes shared that 34 trees had been planted that week throughout Montpelier. Most of the trees were linden, with some maple. He told council that residents who would like a tree planted on their terrace could call the village to be put on a waiting list.

Council set a date for the Budget Meeting for November 4th at 6:00 p.m. This will be a work session only to work on finalizing the budget for 2014. It will be presented at council for approval at a later date.

Kurt Roan, Supervisor of Administrative Services said that the village has applied for funding for the Phase 4 sewer separation project. They have been approved for $118,000 for engineering costs, and $993,000 for construction. The project will be put out for bid during the end of December or early January. The estimated cost for the Phase 4 sewer separation is $1.6 million, and the project is scheduled to begin in mid-summer.

Council awarded the bid for the Waste Water Treatment Plant Headworks Screen Project to Zachrich Construction who bid $314,870 for the project. Council approved the Utility Delinquent, Door Hanger, and Shut-Off Schedule for December 2013 through December 2014. This schedule is presented each year and voted on for approval.

Resolution 1064, a resolution to strongly oppose the passage of HB 5 by the Ohio General Assembly which proposes uniformity measures for municipal income tax in the form of unfunded mandates and a substantial loss of revenue, and declaring an emergency. It was explained that while the village had nothing against uniformity, House Bill 5 would take away any of the control from the village itself, as well as from all other municipalities. It would result in a great loss of revenue to each town and city, to the extent that it would make it extremely difficult for towns to continue to provide services to their residents. All council members, with the exception of Jason Rockey, voted to declare an emergency and approve the resolution. Director of Finance Kelly Hephner was scheduled this week to meet with legislators and present them with the resolution opposing the Bill.

Council went into executive session to discuss business and other actions. No action was taken upon their return to open session.

The Montpelier Village Council meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month, unless otherwise indicated.

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