Montpelier Village Council Sets Dates For 2016 Spring Trash Pickup


Members of the Montpelier Village Council were called to order for their regular session on the evening of February 8.

Mayor Steve Yagelski welcomed the Montpelier High School Senior students to the meeting, and encouraged them to ask any questions that they might have during the meeting.

Mayor Yagelski mentioned the beautiful monument at Storrer Municipal Park. Village Manager, Pam Lucas, thanked Andrea Roerig and Fackler Monument for the stone and inscription.

Councilor Dan Willis said that the LED street lights on South Platt Street are very nice, and that they illuminate the area very nicely.

Mrs. Lucas presented the flyer for the 2016 Spring Trash Pick-up. The recommended dates are April 25th through May 6th for the pickup. Council approved the dates without dissent.

Mrs. Lucas presented the first reading of Resolution 1128, amending the Rules of Council. Clerk of Council, Becky Semer, stated that she made changes highlighted on pages 6 and 11 which entailed minor changes in wording, and adding a paragraph on social media.

Mrs. Lucas presented Resolution 1130. Mrs. Lucas stated that the Village is looking to pave the 500 – 800 blocks of East Lawrence Street, part of the 200 block of East Wayne Street, and the 1200 and 1300 blocks of East Madison Street. This is a budgeted item which includes milling, base repair, drainage, asphalt overlay, and berm and curbs where applicable. Under suspended rules of reading, Council approved Resolution 1130 without dissent.

Mrs. Lucas thanked the Police Department for their hard work last week.

Director of Finance, Kelly Hephner, gave the income tax report for January 2016. Collections for January 2016 were $198,710 compared to $240,297 in 2015 and $248,383 in 2014.


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