Montpelier Village Council Sets Spring 2015 Curbside All-Trash Collection Dates & Rules

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Members of the Montpelier Village Council convened in a brief regular session on the evening of March 23.
Councilor Nathan Thompson spoke about the upcoming Good Friday observances in the Village. The annual Crosswalk begins at the Fairgrounds at noon, proceeding westward into the downtown district. The procession will arrive at St. Paul United Methodist Church at 1:30 for the Community Good Friday Service.
Council agreed upon April 27 to May 7 as the dates for the annual Curbside All-Trash Collection, and agreed to the regulations set forth in accordance with the event. The breakdown of pickup days are as follows…

If your regular trash pickup day is Monday…
your Spring Pickup days will be April 27 and 28
If your regular trash pickup day is Tuesday…
your Spring Pickup days will be April 29 and 30
If your regular trash pickup day is Wednesday…
your Spring Pickup days will be May 4 and 5
If your regular trash pickup day is Thursday…
your Spring Pickup days will be May 6 and 7

Please place any large bulky household items such as furniture, appliances and large junk along the curb. Smaller items must be contained in plain garbage bags or in boxes, and also placed along the curb. A maximum of one dump truck load shall be allowed, per address, with a charge applied for any amount over the maximum.
Trash shall be placed at the curb a maximum of 24 hours prior to scheduled pickup, or an extra charge shall be applied. Codified Ordinances of the Village of Montpelier shall be strictly enforced, and violators will be prosecuted.
To assist the Village, it is asked that you please separate your trash into the following categories…

1 – Concrete and bricks
2 – Metal objects, washers, dryers, water heaters, piping, stoves, etcetera
3 – Furniture, wood, and miscellaneous junk not covered either above, or in the following categories that will be accepted for a fee, identification stickers for which can be purchased at the Village Hall…

Appliances containing Freon gases – $15.00
Examples: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etcetera
(The $15.00 fee covers Freon gas removal and certification.)

Tires – $2.50 to $25.00 depending upon size
Car tires – $2.50 each
Truck tires – $6.00 each
Tractor tires – $25.00 each
(These fees cover the Village disposal costs)

The following items will NOT be accepted…
(Garbage is picked up on garbage day only)
Grass and Yard Waste
(These cannot go to the Landfill anytime)
Roofing and/or construction materials
(Arrangement for truck can be made at time of removal;
there is a charge for the disposal of roofing and/or construction materials)
Paint cans with liquid paint
(To dry, remove lid several days in advance of pick up.)
Liquid household cleaners and chemicals

Any senior citizen that would like assistance with placing their trash at the curb, please call the Village Hall at 419-485-5543.
Under suspended rules of reading, Council accepted Resolution 1110, allowing them to participate in the ODOT Cooperative Purchasing Program for road salt. The amount agreed upon was 310 tons, which is unchanged from last year.
Council agreed to a second reading of Ordinance 2182, referencing the rezoning issue changing the DeWitt property at 712 Bryant Street from R-2 Residential, to M-2 General Industrial. Council President Mr. Dan Willis asked if the DeWitts have decided to proceed with the rezoning and street vacation, and he was advised that they are indeed intending to proceed, and would like to begin proceedings for the street vacation. Councilor Dan Clum noted that the Village must ensure to have an easement due to a water line that runs through that area. There followed discussion on the water lines and their locations. It was noted that the fee for rezoning and the fee for vacating the street are each $400, and that they should be paid up front. The DeWitts also would be responsible for the cost of a registered survey for the street vacation. It was agreed that should there be continued unresolved issues at the next Council meeting, that Council can opt to table the matter, pending the outcome of the negotiations.

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