Montpelier’s Cozy Couture – Because “There’s No Place Like Home”

Bridget Kitchen says that it all started with “big house syndrome” and her purchasing new items for a new, larger house for her and her family.  While the new house didn’t materialize for Bridget, a new storefront did.

Located on W. Main Street in Montpelier, Cozy Couture has given Bridget a place to both showcase as well as sell both items out of her own collection as well as items that others bring into her.  The store offers consignment, new scarves and handbags, home decor, All Wrapped Up Candy Bouquets, and upholstering and refurbishment of furniture.  Bridget is adding items every week as well as taking custom orders.  Whether a customer prefers “shabby chic”, vintage, retro, or contemporary decor, Cozy Couture is the place to go for anyone seeking decor that is both unique and customized to his or her own preferences and personality.

Bridget’s goal is to provide an at home feeling for her customers as well as to the add to the Montpelier community by both joining and supporting local business.  Not only does she shop locally for both her family and store, Bridget also supports other local businesses – including those that other’s might view as competition.  She explains that “all business should be willing to help one another” as well as that having other niche types shops similar to her own come in would actually benefit her business as it could make Montpelier “the place to shop”.

The at home feeling of Cozy Couture includes decor that Bridget has done on her own, a nice place to sit and chat, and perhaps even a cup of coffee.  Customers are also very likely to run into Bridget’s own family, who Bridget gives all the credit to for her success.  After all, the best way to provide an at home feeling may very well to be a family based business.  From mother-in-laws to her husband to her children, Bridget’s entire family has stepped in and shown support to the opening of Cozy Couture as well as has stepped up and offered to cover store hours whenever Bridget is busy outside of the store or working on custom orders for her customers.

Bridget also expresses a great deal of gratitude to the community which has given her a wonderful response and a great deal of kind words that have helped to launch Bridget from being almost fearful of opening her doors to welcoming walkers by to stop by and look at the items on display in the window or to even come in and have a chat and a look around.  Not only have the kind words helped Bridget, so too have the number of people who have been willing to give Bridget their unwanted furniture for her to refurbish, customize, and sell.  She smiles when she explains that she had no more than announced that she would be opening the store when people began offering her their unused and unwanted pieces.

Anyone looking for at home decor is completely individualized can expect to find it when they enter Cozy Couture, a place where every friendly conversation seems to become frequently interrupted by phrases such as “that is so cool” or “I never thought of that” as customers walk about the store and take in the beautiful and truly unique furniture and home decor available for sale.

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