Montpelier’s Phase 3 Sewer Separation Project in Progress

Sewer 9, 10 – Fairview Street is closed south of East Washington Street as work progresses on the sewer project.

Sewer 9, 10 – Fairview Street is closed south of East Washington Street as work progresses on the sewer project.

Temperatures were in the teens and 20’s this week, but laborers were hard at work this week initiating Phase 3 of the sewer separation project.

The EPA mandated in 2008 that villages and cities must have separate sanitary and storm sewers, and gave them 20 years in which to comply. Montpelier began their Phase 1 in 2009 with an interception sewer and pump system to the wastewater plant. When the project is completed, all village sewer systems will tie into this system. Phase 2 of the project involved Main Street, Lincoln, and Bordner Streets.

Phase 3, which is estimated to cost $631,000, will involve Fairview Street south of Jefferson to Court Street, and then Gravel Street east of Jefferson. It will also include Lawrence Street east of Fairview. This phase began on Monday, January 21. Though the project was delayed two days due to the frigid temperatures and wind chill factors, workers from Linvai Excavating out of Bryan, Ohio, were back at work Friday. It is expected that this phase of the project will take three months to complete. The existing sewer system will become the storm sewers, and the new system will connect to homes.

The projects have been paid for thus far by the village from funds that were provided through millage voted upon in the late 1990’s that was specific to sewer projects. Phase 4, which is expected to start in 2014 will be funded by the village through financing, and hopefully through grants. It will include areas of town that are west of Fairview Street, and north of Jefferson Street.

All projects have been bid out, and no village workers, other than inspector Ric Byers who is at the site at all times, are involved in the project. Due to the economy, bids have come in lower than engineer estimates, and this has been beneficiary financially to the village of Montpelier.

Any residents who have questions about the project may contact the village office and direct their calls to Tony Hoeffel or Ric Byers.

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