Montpelier’s Tanya Likins Battles Kidney Condition

Tanya Likins Pics2 copy WEBBy T.J. Hug

Two-hundred balloons were release from Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church on Sunday, immediately after morning service. The goal?
Raise awareness for Tanya Likins and her kidney.
Diagnosed with Renal Artery Stenosis, the now twenty-six year old has been dealing with kidney troubles for a very long time. In fact, Likins was born with one kidney smaller than the other. That particular kidney never developed. She’s known of the condition since age nine.
“She’s been treated for this her whole life.” Likins’ mother, Marci Ruble said.
Also as a result of her Renal Artery Stenosis, Likins aortic artery never developed properly either, leading to even more complications.
Between the months of February and March this past year, her kidney problems began to require more attention. Since that time, she’s been on dialysis. As a small comfort, she’s been able to undergo the process at night while sleeping.
Likins has been on a waiting list for a new kidney for two and a half years.
“We had been looking for a living donor,” Informed Ruble, “but all family are either not a match, or have their own health issues.”
This is where the balloons come into play. Papers are attached to each of the two-hundred flying messengers. On them, Likins story is told. The idea is that, once the balloons pop, the messages will be found by someone who may be willing to help.
“We hope the balloons travel far before they pop and fall.” Ruble expressed.
Likins has a Facebook page dedicated to her search for a kidney. It can be found at
All of this hasn’t held Likins back from living her life, by the way. An ombudsman, she works full time advocating for nursing home residents. She’s also been married for two years.
And hopefully she’ll be married for many, many more.

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