Mural Plans On Hold In Archbold

Donna Dettling

Donna Dettling

By: James Pruitt

A new mural for the village of Archbold is on hold after the intended artist has retired.

The village has prepared a block wall at 201 N. Defiance St. for the mural. Next steps include cost estimates, timelines and formal approval by Council.

All the village needs now is a muralist and not just any kind will do. The village had wanted to use the talents of Eric Grohe, but he has formally retired.

Grohe was preferred because of his pre-design process that included extensive contact with the community so he could learn the stories of the people, the landmarks and the historical photos. The process was such to allow him to capture an image of the community that would have lasting value.

The problem with most muralists is they show up and paint what they are told, Dettling said in a memo to council.

Dettling said she will work with Grohe and see if a list of qualified muralists can be developed.

The Ordinance and Resolution Committee will begin the process of amending Section 165.062 C (3) to remove language about informed consent and require a variance like any other issue when a property owner desires an exception from the code.

The issue after a property owner wanted to park his camper long term on his property.

The committee declined to consider changing the height requirement for un-mowed grass in yards.

A shortage of homes for sale in Fulton County is limiting industries from attracting people to fill jobs at area plants.

The Archbold Finance Committee discussed possible incentives to developers, but also made plans to discuss the matter with Fulton County Economic Develop Commission Director Matt Gilroy to see if has talked about building homes with other communities.

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