Musical Comedy Bye Bye Birdie Flies Bryan Back To 1963

Bryan musical Bye Bye Birdie (AngiC) (479)By: Angi Campos

This year’s Bryan High School production was “Bye Bye Birdie”, a musical comedy set back in the year 1963. Superstar singer Conrad Birdie was drafted into the Army and while he is still under contract with Almaelou Records, his manager Albert Peterson must find a way to pay for his contractual obligations.

Rose Alvarez, assistant to Peterson and hopeful Mrs. Albert Peterson, comes up with the brilliant idea to have Birdie give “One Last Kiss” to one lucky lady on the Ed Sullivan Show as a way to boost his popularity and help fulfill the contractual obligations. But with a stipulation that Peterson make her his bride when all is said and done and cut the old apron strings from Peterson’s mother, Mae Peterson.

Kim MacAfee, 15 yearold president of the Conrad Birdie fan club in Sweet Apple, Ohio, was chosen at random to be the receiver of said last kiss. However, Ms. MacAfee has a “steady” and was just pinned by Hugo Peabody! Gasp when Hugo finds out that she was chosen and Kim sees no trouble in allowing Conrad Birdie kiss her! Hugo foils the kiss with a plan of his own, and the help of Rose Alvarez and TKO’s Conrad Birdie on live television! Gasp!

In the end, Conrad is sick and tired of the fame and is ready to board the train to enter into the United States Army, Kim accepts Hugo’s marriage proposal, Albert Peterson sends his mother packing back to New York, and he and Rose, his bride to be, take their own train far from New York, and his mother, to live happily ever after.

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