National Public Health Week 2014

National Public Health Week is from April 7th through April 13th this year. This week was created to celebrate the work of public health systems in support of better health for all. The theme is “Public Health: Start Here” and the focus is on raising awareness about the changing world of public health and prevention in our lives. Fulton County Health Department invites you to celebrate Public Health Week with us. Check out our website,, and visit our Facebook page for daily themes and information about our programs. Displays will be set up in the Health Department all week highlighting our services provided to our community.

The value of a strong public health system is quite literally all around us- it’s in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the places where we all live, learn, work and play. From maternal health and school nutrition to emergency preparedness, public health starts at home.

Good health doesn’t happen by chance; it is shaped and nurtured – it’s connected to the environments in which we live, work and play; it’s tied to the resources available in our communities; and a person’s access to health care. Prevention is a nationwide priority. Help us work to be the healthiest nation in one generation.

We need public health to monitor West Nile virus or other emerging diseases and implement prevention strategies; make sure new moms have the resources and knowledge they need to have healthy babies; enforce food safety rules and investigate food-borne illness outbreaks; respond to and prepare communities for natural disasters and emergencies; provide access to vaccines; test our drinking water; ensure clean marine water for growing shellfish; and so much more.

Public health is so broad in terms of improving our quality of life that it’s nearly impossible to comprehend its impact in its entirety. National Public Health Week, April 7-13, 2014, is the perfect time to begin thinking about the critical role that public health and prevention play in keeping communities healthy. This week we have a wonderful opportunity to empower our family, friends, neighbors, and perhaps most importantly, ourselves. This is a time for the community to work together to make Fulton County a healthier place to live, work and raise a family. “Public Health: Start HERE”.

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