New E-Ticket Program Coming Soon To Local Traffic Patrols

By: James Pruitt

Police agencies across the state had better get ready for the new wave of ticket writing, a local judge said.

Bryan Municipal Judge Kent L. North told a gathering of mayors Wednesday night about e-tickets, a practice that will be soon become mandatory, Williams County Commissioner Lewis Hilkert said April 28. Some agencies, including the Ohio State Police and the police departments of Bryan, Blakeslee, and Edon are either testing the new system or have it ready, he said.

The system will require a laptop and printer which will spit out a ticket for the driver and send a copy electronically to the court. The officer will swipe the person’s driver’s license and the information is sent to the court.

The cost of a roll of paper is $5.50 for 300 tickets. The current practice of using a book is $5 for 25 tickets.

The state of Ohio is piggybacking on a system created by the state of Indiana.

The DNR was getting rid of some old laptops and tablets and Williams County Sheriff Towns was able to secure 10 laptops for this road patrols, Hilkert said.

A Montpelier resident who works at Martin Sprocket is making and donating brackets for the police to hold the laptop and printer in a car.

The judge said he likes the new tickets because he can read them, Hilkert said.

In other news,
Matt Davis, executive director for the Williams County Economic Development Corporation, gave a quarterly update. Due to the sensitive nature of his job, he was unable to discuss particulars of his dealings with local businesses.

A group of students from Bryan High School was in the audience and Davis encouraged them to apply for jobs whether it’s just for the summer or a full-time, post-high school career.

“We want you to stay,” Davis said.

Davis said he has been reaching out to banks to help local businesses get financing. He said talk of tax breaks for companies being suspended is unfounded.

Resolutions – 189

Lease with Robert H and Sandra K. Berning for rental of a portion pf the premises at 124 N. Beech St., Bryan. The garage on the SE portion of the property cost not to exceed $1,400. The lease runs from June 1 through Aug. 31.

Authorized the board to receive financial assistance and to administer amounts received from state of Ohio Development Services Agency through the Small Cities program for the year through the Community Housing Impact and Preservation program.

Amended the contract with Kids Count Too for Title IV-E agencies to $75,000, an increase of $20,000.

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