New Technology Changes How The Court Does Business


IMG_0558.JPGLast year the Ohio State Highway Patrol began creating citations electronically. This week the patrol along with the Bryan Municipal Court will take that technology one step further.

Traffic citations written by the OSP in Williams County will now be transmitted to the court by electronic means. In most cases the traffic citations will appear in the case management system within twenty-four hours.

The process begins with the law enforcement officer swiping the alleged traffic violator’s driver’s license through an in-car device that reads the license information and transfers that data into a traffic citation form.

In the past drivers were provided with a carbon copy of a hand-written ticket that could be very difficult to read. Now drivers will be provided with a computer generated printed citation.

Now the OSP will submit those citations to the court electronically. The court will download the tickets daily into their case management system that is provided by Henschen & Associates of Bowling Green, Ohio. Downloading the citations will save the court from re-keying all of the data into the court system.

Henschen & Associates have been instrumental to the court in this process and have taken the project even further to meet the needs of the court. The Henschen system electronically file stamps the citations, creates an electronic image and assigns a case number which eliminates additional work for deputy clerks in the court.

The clerk’s office of the court is also partnering with the Bryan Police Department to begin receiving their agency’s traffic citations electronically in the near future.

Overall “e-ticketing” as it is called will reduce errors, make citations easier to read and save time.


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