Fayette’s Noelle Goodson: FFA, Nashville & The National Anthem


noelle senior pictures 014Noelle Goodson was a very active high school student. She was a member of the track team and cheerleading squad for all four years of high school as well as an active member of the FFA. She participated in choirs (both through her church and in school), and even tried cross country her senior year. She’s been Homecoming queen,  on more courts than she can remember, and in the fall she’ll ship out to Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Clearly, Noelle has been busy, but for the moment, she is in the middle of one of her most exciting experiences yet – the Stand and Be Heard Anthem Singing Competition sponsored by FMC Agricultural Products.

Noelle has always been interested in music and quite gifted in regards to it. Over the years, she has taken piano lessons, harp lessons, guitar lessons, and voice lessons, and she recently got her hand on a ukulele so surely she’ll be adding that to her repertoire as well. Earlier this year, in March, Noelle go the opportunity to sing the National Anthem in Columbus for the Division IV Boys Basketball State Championship game. When asked about this experience, Noelle just smiled and said, “It was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been for singing.”

Noelle has lent her voice to many local occasions, one of which was quite an important one – the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the 9/11 Memorial at the Fulton County Fairgrounds. Noelle recalled it was cold and windy, and there was no sound system which meant she had to sing acappella. She sang just this past weekend at the Fayette Bullthistle Festival. She thought it was too loud or that her voice didn’t come through quite right, but ask people who were there and they’d remember no such thing.

The Stand and Be Heard Anthem Singing Competition, is open to students, aged 13 – 21 who are part of either 4-H, FFA, or NAMA. The initial contestant pool for this contest consisted of 185 videos. These videos were initially posted on the site, www.fmccrop.com and were voted on to whittle the field down to just the top twenty. From there, five judges: Nancy Barcus of NAMA, Tom Davis of SeisMic Sound where he is the Director of Music Production, Tess Hammock who is a currently serving National 4-H Council Youth Trustee, Patti LaJoye who has been the National FFA Chorus Director since 1999, and Katie Wesler who was a 2012 Anthem Singing Contest finalist, voted to send Noelle and three other contestants through to be the four finalists.

This final four selection has guaranteed Noelle a $5,000 Scholarship and an all expenses paid trip to Nashville for her and her parents. While in Nashville, Noelle and her fellow finalists will get to do a professional recording of their National Anthem performance which will be posted on the site for the final voting. Of course, this recording opportunity will also put Noelle in the heart of the country music universe surrounded by people in the recording business – not a bad position for a young woman who loves to sing and has more than enough talent to do it.

Noelle will make her journey to Nashville on August 16 and not return until that Sunday, the 18th. After the recording is done and Noelle and the other contestants have all returned home, the videos will be posted and the final voting will start on August 26 through September 15. So, if you’ve got some free time or have heard Noelle sing and know how good she is, log in and watch the video once it goes up – vote for Noelle once, twice, maybe three times. Tell your friends or your boss, or show your kids what the girl from the small town just like theirs is doing with her talents on the national stage. Show them what Noelle is showing everyone; that small town doesn’t mean small time and that our talents and passions can take us as far as we’ll let them. Thank you Noelle, and good luck in the final vote.

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