North Central Awards Outstanding Students For The 2014-15 School Year

IMG_0090.JPGNorth Central High School announces the following 2015 Class Award winners:

9th Grade
Lanie Green, Outstanding Effort in Algebra I, Part 1 Perfect Attendace
Makayla Knapp, EAGLE Volunteer, Excellent Participation – Spanish I, Outstanding Algebra II Student, Biology Award
Vada Lashaway, EAGLE Volunteer
Emma Zenz, Excellent Participation – Spanish I, Biology Award, Perfect Attendance

10th Grade
Tiffany Echler, Most Improved in English II
Sabrina Ernsberger, Most Improved Algebra I, Part 2
Veronica Finch, EAGLE Volunteer
Chyna Haskell, EAGLE Volunteer
Michaela Hobbs, Perfect Attendance
Allyson Hutchison, First Year Designer, Excellence in English II, Outstanding Music Theory Student, Outstanding Chemistry Student, Outstanding Algebra II Student
Megan Laney, EAGLE Volunteer
Coltin McKarns, Perfect Attendance
Sean Mervyn, EAGLE Volunteer, Most Improved Algebra II Student
Jeremy Miller, EAGLE Volunteer
David Pinc, Excellence in English II
Alex Richmond, Perfect Attendance
Makayla Rizor, EAGLE Volunteer
Trenton Sakos, First Year Designer, Excellence in English II, Outstanding Chemistry Student
Jazmyn Schang, EAGLE Volunteer, Elementary Designer
Mackenzie Steusloff, EAGLE Volunteer
Kelsie Sutton, Excellence in English II
Alyssa Swank, Excellence in English II, Outstanding Chemistry Student, Excellence in Spanish – Spanish II, Outstanding Geometry Student
Nathan Traxler, Most Improved Geometry Student
Megan Ulrich, EAGLE Volunteer, Most Improved in English II
Jason Vassar, EAGLE Volunteer
Elizabeth Winters, Excellence in English II

11th Grade
Cody Barnett, EAGLE Volunteer
Brooke Bryan, EAGLE Volunteer
Ethan Douglass, Outstanding College Algebra & Trig Student, Outstanding Physics Student
Jenna Eidenier, EAGLE Volunteer, Ad Editor & Third Year Designer
Asia Logan, EAGLE Volunteer
Aleea Lonabarger, EAGLE Volunteer, Most Creative & First Year Designer
Kirsten Mitchell, Perfect Attendance
Keeley Shaw, Outstanding Physics Student, Most Outstanding Government Student, Outstanding Geometry Student
Dakota Wiseman, Media Assistant (no Certificate)

12th Grade
Abigail Auch, Outstanding Algebra II Student
Jordan Bailey, SWAT (no Certificate)
Reese Cogswell, Chief Editor& Fourth Year Designer, SWAT (no Certificate)
Whisper Ernsberger, EAGLE Volunteer
Alaina Kemarly, Zoology Continuous Improvement Award
Jakub Grodi, SWAT (no Certificate)
Kirby Miller, Top Ad Seller & Second Year Designer, Excellence in Spanish – Spanish IV
Rachel Oxender, SWAT (no Certificate)
Sabrina Pickford, EAGLE Volunteer, Media Assistant (no Certificate)
Colton Pilmore, SWAT (no Certificate)
Julia Rhinard, EAGLE Volunteer
Josh Sawyer, Media Assistant (No certificate), Zoology Continuous Improvement Award
Brooke Schofield, Most Improved College Algebra & Trig Student
Rachel Shipman, Media Assistant (no Certificate)
Kayleigh Strawser, EAGLE Volunteer, Most Outstanding Psychology Student, Biology Award, Excellence in Mathematics, Principal’s Award
Joel VanDyke, EAGLE Volunteer
Zandra Vassar, Most Creative in Photography
Brady Zuver, Media Assistant (no Certificate)


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