North Central Board Of Education Approves New Building Contract

2014-11-18 19.50.49 WEBBy T.J. Hug

It’s official now.

The North Central Local Schools Building Project has advanced from simply being discussed and planned, and now has hard documentation behind it.

During the course of their November Regular Board meeting, the North Central Board of Education elected to approve a contract with Garman Miller, a small architecture firm operating out of Minster, Ohio, for $780,474.61. This money will not only go toward the actual construction work involved in constructing a new junior high and high school facility, but the surveying of the land in which it will be erected as well.

In order to qualify for bidding on the project, Garman Miller had to meet standards set forth by the State of Ohio, which will have a say in several aspects of the new building since said state will be covering $4.3 million of the total project. The district will have to match that amount. This shouldn’t be a problem, however, as Treasurer Eric Smeltzer received approval from the board to sell General Obligation Bonds held by the district amounting to $2,225,000.90 and Certificates of Participation totaling $2.25 million.

Garman Miller has already been planning for the project, and will submit its final drawings for the new structure to the state on Friday. The board will see them as well, and a three dimensional presentation will be prepared for public viewing.

The first payment for the project will cost $114,000.

In his report to the board, Elementary Principal Paul Johnson announced that the results of the third grade reading achievement would be available for viewing online on November 22. Also noted by Johnson, the Elementary Choir will cooperate with local churches for its Christmas Project, which involves taking part in the Shining Star Project. This will involve North Central kids helping forty-five to fifty families to have a very merry Christmas.

Area parents have had some difficulty understanding the Common Core teaching method, according to Johnson. The principal cites a vast differential between the way said parents were taught when they attended school, and the way in which their children are now taught under the new guidelines. Johnson suggested setting up a gathering with parents for the purpose of answering any questions they may have on the Common Core. A date for such a meeting is not yet set.

Johnson also commented on the Veterans’ Day Assembly held on November 11.

“It was a very good program, as far as kids paying attention and singing.” Johnson proclaimed. “In the three years I’ve been principal (here), I think it was the best one we’ve had.”

A brief discussion on possibly involving the North Central High School students in Veterans’ Day activities was held, with nothing coming of it at the present time.

High School Principal Tim Rettig, during his own report, addressed the issue of asking student athletes to not go on vacation for Spring Break.

“If families want to go on vacation at that time, we certainly understand that.” Rettig clarified.

Yet, there are several games and track meets taking place over the course of the week long vacation. Movement on dates for the Ohio Graduation Tests have been attributed as the reason why this has occurred.
“It’s a pretty tough time for us to not have our athletes.” Admitted Rettig.

Again, Rettig assured that the school is not demanding student athletes forego their vacation time with their families and/or friends.
“But we’re asking.”
The board accepted the resignation of Kindergarten Instructor Ashley Kerr. That resignation became effective November 7.

One year supplemental contracts for coaches of the Spring Season were approved by the board. Certified employees Joe Fiddler, Melinda Fugate, and Jason Luthy were hired as Varsity Softball, Varsity Track, and Junior High Track Coaches, respectively. Meanwhile, classified employees Eric Smeltzer, Nelson Turner, Rodger Swank, and Homer Hendricks were given the roles of Varsity Baseball, Assistant Baseball, Assistant Softball, and Volunteer Varsity Basketball Coaches, respectively.

A trip by the school’s Spanish Club to a Latin Music and Dance production taking place in Ann Arbor, Michigan was approved by the board as well. The Spanish Club will make the trek on March 30, 2015.
The board concluded the meeting by entering into Executive Session in order to discuss the discipline of personnel. No action was expected.

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