North Central Board Of Education Has Busy Evening

VR LOGO - WEBOn October 21, the North Central Board of Education met in regular session. During the course of this meeting, a good many things were discussed and accomplished by the board.

First to address the board was Elementary School Principal Paul Jones. He went into detail about the school’s current iteration of the 21st Century Program. Due to lack of funds, the morning portion of the program had to be dropped, leaving only the after school time slot of 2:45-3:45 P.M. for students to take part. Busing is provided for the roughly sixty-two kids who attend the program.

Jones also informed the board that thirty-three students have elected to enroll in the Church Release Time Program. Said program will allow students to attend the local Methodist Church from 1:50-2:30 P.M. on Fridays. Again, busing will be provided for these students.

Jones concluded his report by sharing with the board his recommendations on who should take part in the after school program, which he had already given to Superintendent Boyer. Amongst those listed in the recommendation were Ashley Stewart, Nicole Geiser, Sally Wheeler, Doonie Fidler, Dustin Campbell, Tanya Wiles, Lisa Blue, Amanda Blohm, Mary Smith, Joe Fidler, Brent Saneholtz, Linda Cochran, Angie Lashaway, Marcia Geiser, and Julie Taylor. These recommendations were met with board approval, as was the hiring of Curt Short and Tina Sobczak as bus drivers for the program.

In his report to the board, Junior High and High School Principal Tim Rettig made it known to the board that students will be tested constantly, starting in February.

“Come February, some group of students or another will be tested every three days until May.” Rettig proclaimed. “It’s kind of frustrating for me. I didn’t get into education just to test kids all the time.”

The board shared in Rettig’s frustration, and the state testing practices employed by the State of Ohio were discussed in great length.

District Treasurer Eric Smeltzer announced that the school had sold bonds valuing at $2,024,999 between the September and October board meetings.

In preparation of another harsh Winter, the board approved a Calamity Day Alternative Make-Up Plan. Such a plan allows for students to make-up an additional three days of canceled school online, should weather problems make it necessary to do so.

Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. was employed by the board to provide commissioning services related to the school’s building project. As a third party, Four Seasons will oversee the work done by architects and construction managers on the project, informing the board of any further work that may done to the new structures, as well as any mistakes that might be made by said architects and managers. The cost for this service is $24,420, which had already been factored into the overall cost of the building project.

As for construction managers for the building project, interviews for the position begin on October 31. Three finalists have been selected to compete for the contract, with one hailing from Toledo, another from Lima, and the third from Columbus. In order to be considered for such projects, companies must be on a state approved list, in order to assure the quality of their work.

The board concluded the meeting by entering into Executive Session to discuss discipline of personnel. No action was expected.

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