North Central Board Of Education To Conduct Anonymous Staff Survey

During an executive session of their November 22 meeting, members of the North Central Board of Education agreed to follow up on the morale issues presented by Jared Stewart during the October meeting.

Addressing the Board at the October meeting, Stewart noted that he perceived a low level of morale amongst the staff, and cited a recent turnover of teachers as an indicative factor. He also gave an example of how that low morale was also manifesting itself in the community.

Returning to regular session during the November 22 meeting, Board President Jim Fee said that the Board had reached an agreement that an anonymous questionnaire would be sent to staff members to poll their opinions on the matter. The areas of focus on the survey will be to gauge the staff’s perceptions of the current culture, communications and overall effectiveness of the school.

The Board acknowledged a successful Eagle Mania event to kick off the 2016-17 winter sports season. In keeping with the sports theme, Board member Shane Martin requested to have the topic of the proposed North Central football program placed on the December agenda in order to have a public discussion on the matter, and to clarify the Board’s position.

Mrs. Kim Hutchison addressed the Board about the change resulting in Choir being removed from the regular school day program. She noted that the ‘early bird’ Choir scheduling is resulting in a significant drop-off in participation, and suggested that it be returned to its former status. High School Principal Tim Rettig said that there has been an initial exploration into the development of an eight-period school day beginning in the 2017-18 school year that might facilitate her request. Nothing has been set in stone he said, adding that, “All options are on the table.”

The Board approved the minutes, financial statements and investments from October, and agreed to the extension of one-year contracts to Ludmila Ford as Spanish Club Advisor; Heather Hall for the Junior High Quiz Bowl; Kelli Hills in Outdoor Adventure Recreational Studies (OARS); Nathan Shamp in Outdoor Adventure Recreational Studies (OARS – Archery); Jared Stewart as Indoor Track Coach, and Rich Lashaway as a substitute bus driver.

The Board agreed to the presented appropriation additions, and approved the Advisory Committee for the North Central VoAg Department.

The Board gave their approval to the 2016-17 Addendum to the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center service agreement, as well as the Resolution adopting a Calamity Day Alternative Make-up Plan for 2016-2017.

At the suggestion of Superintendent Ken Boyer, the Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the North Central Education Association establishing changes to the supplemental contract schedule, pertaining to the Indoor Track and OARS programs. Mr. Boyer also reported that there remains a few punch list items remaining with the new facility, and that lettering and the eagle artwork should be finished on the front of the building in the next seven to ten days.

Prior to adjourning into executive session, the Board discussed the need for at least two new buses. Of note in the discussion was the suggestion that any new buses be propane powered vehicles, noting that a preliminary figure of $44,000 per year over a four year term lease-to-own has been fielded.

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