North Central FFA Educates Elementary Students

FFA Elementary Day NC (TJ) USE (2) WEBBy: T.J. Hug
The Village Reporter

Continuing a yearly tradition, the North Central chapter of the Future Farmers of America invited their school’s elementary students to come outside and experience what the organization is all about.

Holding the event on Friday, May 8, the FFA, under the direction of Adviser Jessica Tracey, set up for their annual Elementary Education day in the north parking lot of the district’s facility. With an aim to both educate and entertain, high school students, ranging from freshmen to senior, made grand, colorful displays providing information on everything from recycling to marigolds to syrup.

Demonstrations were performed, games, such as hot potato were played, and gifts, like flowers, were handed out during the Elementary day. Of course, there were animals as well. Several FFA members brought in their own livestock, including, rabbits, pigs, cows, and goats for the younger kids to enjoy. Farm machinery was left on display as well, with each child taking turns pretending to drive a variety of tractors.

While all of this was going on, most of the more veteran members of the North Central FFA were preparing for a feast. Setting up tables and grilling an assortment of meats, these upperclassmen did a fine job of satisfying the palates of all those in attendance.

This event serves as a recruitment drive of sorts for the organization. The goal is to instill a long term interest farming, be it agriculture, livestock, or both, within the hearts and minds of the future generations of North Central students. With a high volume of members for such a small school, it’s safe to say the kids respond quite well to the Elementary Education day.

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