North Central Has Blockbuster Fourth Quarter To Win Against Edon

(February 13th, 2015) – EDON: The Eagles of North Central were intent on revenge against the Edon Bombers Friday night. Just four days earlier, Edon had defeated the Eagles by only two points in front of their home crowd. North Central’s boys were ready to make their reprise and take down the Bombers on the road.

The Bombers were the first to strike; Sophomore Brayden Bauer would sink two 3 pointers and a layup, accompanied by Landon Bloir’s strong driving to the basket. The Bombers would continue marching over the Eagles into the break, establishing a 30-23 lead.

With a modest lead going into the second half, the Bomber boys were ready to fire on all cylinders. Braden Miller, Alex Kirkingburg, and Floyd Young demonstrated their core shooting strength, draining 7/7 combined free-throws. As for North Central, the boys were fighting back by forcefully charging to the basket.

Down by 11 points going into the final eight minutes of the game, the Eagles were all but ready to admit defeat at the hands of the Bombers. Generating a snowball-effect, the Eagles rose above the noise of the crowd to rack up point after point without skipping a beat.

Doubling the number of points scored in the the third, seniors Josh Sawyer, Jordan Reeves, Jordan Bailey, and Sophomore Steven Williams ignited a fire that couldn’t be put out. The team rallied to dismantle Edon’s defense and record 30 points in the final eight minutes of play. The Eagle’s domination would put them on top at the final buzzer, 66-61.

North Central’s Jordan Reeves would be the top scorer of the evening, totaling 16 points and shooting 82% at the free-throw line. Teammates Steven Williams and Josh Roesener also contributed 11 and 10 points, respectively. Edon’s Brayden Bauer tallied 15 points for the night, with Alex Kirkingburg contributing 14 of his own.

The victory on the road lifted North Central’s record to 2-16; the Bombers accounted another loss to result in a 1-18 record.

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