North Central School Board Hears Exciting News

The North Central Board of Education held their first regular meeting of the year on January 14, 2013, and swore in returning board members. Jim Fee, Homer Hendricks, and Leigh Boothman took their oaths to begin their new terms on the board.

Superintendent Ken Boyer shared some exciting news. North Central graduate Jesse Houk sent a letter to Boyer asking about the possibility of using the school as a movie set this summer. Houk and his wife, both movie producers, live in California. The motion picture, which will be PG-rated, will be based on a screenplay written by Houk. If the school is chosen to be a set, they would use the gym, cafeteria, and some of the classrooms during the summer months. Although nothing has yet been decided, Boyer and the board seemed excited about the possibility that the North Central School would be featured in such an endeavor.

January is Board Recognition Month, and the Board received recognition certificates from the Ohio School Board Association. Boyer said that the district had a good 2013 year, and that they were looking forward to en excellent 2014. He thanked the Board for their service and dedication.

Paul Jones, Elementary/Middle School Principal, said that DIBBLE testing was being administered in its second round, and should be completed by January 23. The 21st Century after-school program has 52 students in its afternoon program, and five students in the morning program. Data has been sent to the ESC (Educational Service Center) in Archbold to help decide future programming. The school should hear a decision sometime this summer. Blizzard Bags have been distributed to the students, following the recent cancellations for adverse weather conditions. Each student will complete two bags, and they have two weeks in which to complete the task. Jones reported that co-teaching is going great, and the teachers have adjusted well.  Awards assemblies will be held on January 24, for grades 1-3, and for grades 4-6. Grade cards will be sent out that same date.  Local winners of North Central’s spelling be are Tristan Yoder and Emilie Eustace. They will participate in the Williams County Spelling Bee at the Millcreek-West Unity School on January 28 at 6:30 p.m.

Junior High/High School Principal Tim Rettig reported that they students in grades 7-12 were engaging in Problem Based Learning this week. Students are gathered into pods where they are working on designing a catapult that will launch pies a distance of 8 feet. The team with the best results for each grades will get to throw a pie at Mr. Rettig at the assembly that culminates the week. Students were able to Skype with professors from Bowling Green State University for consultation.  Rettig said that the program was going very well so far, and that North Central is the first school in Williams County to have such a program.  In other school news, 28 students have signed up for the track team so far.

The Consent Agenda was approved, including approval of the minutes from the December meeting, and the employment of Nelson Turner as Assistant Baseball Coach, and Rodger Swank as Assistant Softball Coach.

The Board approved the Treasurer’s Report, given by Eric Smeltzer, approving the following Appropriation Additions: Rotary – $607.86; Data Communication Fund – $1,800; for a total of $2,407.86. The Rotary funds will be used toward field trips. The school has also been accepting donations for their backpack program which will send home easy to prepare food to students over the weekend, based on income levels. Smeltzer is waiting for state auditors to schedule and exit meeting. Audits have been completed. Smeltzer noted that Fiscal Year 2013 over-expenditures totaled $66,889, and that this is low compared with 2012. This amount was garnered before the district received $195,000 from the Menard’s abatements.

The Board heard the second reading of a proposed Policy/By-law Revision. The revision would allow a student liaison to serve as a non-voting representative from the high school student body selected by the Student Council. According to the proposed revision, the student-body representative would be responsible for communicating Board questions or decisions pertaining to students. In addition, the Superintendent would arrange for a place on the agenda at which time the student-body representative would provide the Board with items of concern and/or interest to the student-body.

Boyer met with architects from the State of Ohio to go over options for the new proposed high school building. They were given five options, and two fit into the budget. They will be able to get more square footage under the options.

The Board adjourned to executive session to discuss evaluation and discipline of personnel. No action was taken upon return to regular session.

The next scheduled meeting of the North Central Board of Education is Tuesday, February 18 at 6:30 p.m. in the elementary music room. The public is welcome to attend.

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