North Central School District (Pioneer) Investigating “Isolated Incident” Concerning School Shooting Comments

In light of recent events up to and including the incident in Parkland, FL. We have recently conducted staff training for NC Schools to continuously train and educate our

educators and staff if such an event were to take place in our community.

In a joint effort, Pioneer Police Department, Williams County Sheriffs Office and NC School staff and administrators will continue to address issues, train for today and our future for the safety of our schools. It is our intention to announce and NOT alarm any of our parents or citizens within the NC schools community. However, an obligation to share information is an important step in moving forward.

In an ongoing investigation, yesterday 02/20/2018 several students at NC Schools were talking about the South Florida incident, scenarios were discussed, conversation was also exchanged amongst students. This is expected after such an incident and in many cases encouraged to allow for our youth to understand the continued efforts needed to safeguard our schools as well as themselves.

In an isolated incident proceeding this conversation comments had been made about a school shooting between two youths. This matter in a joint investigation between the Pioneer Police Department and NC School Staff is being looked at thoroughly.

Again, there is NO threat to NC Schools or its students at this time, we, however, take every situation seriously and will investigate it to the fullest extent to ensure the utmost safety of our students, staff and our community.

Additional information will be released as it becomes available on behalf of the Pioneer Police Department and NC Schools.

(Information provided by the North Central School District & Pioneer Police Chief Timothy N. Livengood)

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