North Central School Receives Letter of Support for Cross Country Team

NC Sch bd memberBy Kay Raypholtz – THE VILLAGE REPORTER

The North Central Board of Education meeting opened on October 21, 2013, with the reading of a letter from Martin and Julie Galloway, parents of North Central students. The commended cross country coach Jared Stewart for his work with the team. They also give their congratulations to the team, which was ranked number eight in the top twenty. There were also two girls who placed in the top twenty this year. They said that their son describes his coach as “excellent” and that he not only expects his team to follow his rules, but that he requires the same of himself. He showed the team how to run, which resulted in their son ranking fourth in the BBC this year.

In regular board business, they approved the consent agenda with the following items.

1. Minutes from the September 16, 2013, regular Board of Education meeting.
2. Financial statements and investments from September.
3. Employments:

Steve Fiser
Bus Route (Kunkle PM)
Joe House
Band Section Leader
Matthew Frey
Weight Room Coordinator (shared)
Ben Fiser
Weight Room Coordinator (shared)

4. Bus Routes for 2013-2014

The board noted that they are working on opening up more time for the weight room for students, and that they also hope to have some evening hours. They are working on a grant to obtain more equipment.

Elementary Principal Paul Jones reported on several points. He said that the Eagle’s Landing, 21st Century after-school program was underway with over 40 students, and that he expects up to 45-46 children participating. The program runs from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m., and there are also some students who come early for the 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. program as well, where they often receive homework help.

Testing for the 3rd grade reading achievement has begun. Results will be available online as of November 22.
The church-release time program has 28 students participating. The students are bused to a nearby church on the first Friday of each month from 1:50 – 2:50 p.m.

The school will hold their Veteran’s Day/Grandparents’ Day program on November 11. The VFW will display the colors, and there will be flags from every branch of the Service. Information will be going out soon.

React Intervention data is being collected. There will be a meeting with teachers. The aim of the RIT program is so that instructors can help children to read better.

In upcoming Elementary news, grade cards will be going out on November 1. Picture re-takes will be done on November 14.

High School Principal Tim Rettig told the Board that semester exams would be held before the Christmas break again this year. His staff is also looking at Problem Based Learning. The BGSU Education Consultants would be returning that week, and students would be doing Project Based Learning during the first week after Christmas break.

He noted that the sports teams are much improved. The golf team took first place in the BBC and 11th in the district. He said that Coach Brent Saneholtz was a great addition.

He added that Parent/Teacher conferences would be held November 21, 25, and 27.

For the Treasurer’s report, Eric Smeltzer asked the board to approve Appropriation Additions for the Rotary Fund with an amount of $4,033.88, which the board approved.

Superintendent Ken Boyer said that there would not be any action on the building project from the building commission until January. For the most part, he has been receiving positive feedback from the commission.

He will be meeting with architects within the next 2-3 weeks.

The Board will be getting invites to the NwOESC Leadership Academy Series with the Educational Service Center. This will be held in Archbold.

The Board voted on a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Sick Leave Bank for staff. They approved items 1-4, but eliminated items 5 and 6.

Boyer noted that over the years, there have been fluctuations in open enrollment. At present, there is a not loss of 67 students, but that this is a better figure in previous years when there had been a loss of up to 150 students. For those families who are choosing open enrollment, it is due in most part to a student starting out in one district, and then wanting to remain there when a family moves out of the district. He noted that they were not losing as many high school students as in the past, though there used to be a large number leaving the district.

Boyer also showed the Board the Microsoft Notebooks which staff members have been using. He noted that the Notebook has Windows, Works, and a USB port. He demonstrated its ease of use.

The board moved into executive session to discuss evaluation of personal and employment.

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