North Central SOAR Members Train For 2016-17 School Year


New SOAR members (Students Offering Acceptance and Respect) were trained for the 2016-17 school year at North Central School. They completed a 14-hour training preparing them to lead and promote peer mediations in the school. Front row trainers are Hayden Haas, Jessica Cheesbro, Allyson Hutchison, Alyssa Swank, and Payton Taylor; second row Alexa Dominguez, Grecia Dominguez, Emma Fidler, Lilly McMillen, Katelyn Balser, Keanu Miller, Connor Gendron, Paige Oxender, Alana St. John; third row Martha Marmolejo, Jake Turner, Darbi Stewart, Macie Gendron, Sidney Bell, Lily Wilson, Cora Masters, Samantha Cummins, Davis White, Gracy Livensparger, Lily Martin.


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