Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center Board Announces August 2015 Meeting Details

The following actions were taken by the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center Governing Board at their regular meeting held August 25, 2015.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Ron Crawford. All in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

The following items were approved under the consent agenda format:

*Approved minutes of the organizational board meeting held July 28, 2015.

*Approved Financial Transactions

-Liberty Center Elementary Parent Teacher Organization to provide to NwOESC, 21st Century (LC Elementary), Family Literacy Event and Family-Child Mentoring Services for the period of 9/1/15-6/17/16

-Three Cord to provide to NwOESC, 21st Century (Patrick Henry MS/HS), Entrepreneurial and Career Readiness Services for the period of 9/1/15-6/17/16

-Wood County Educational Service Center to provide to NwOESC, 21st CCLC Local Evaluation Services for the period of 8/1/15-6/30/16

-NwOESC to provide to Eastwood Local Schools, Extended School Year Visual Impairment Instructional Services for the period of 6/3/15-8/25/15

-NwOESC to provide to Northwood Local Schools, Visual Impairment (VI) Services for the period of 8/15/15-6/15/16

Kenneth Schmiesing, Special Education Supervisor, effective 7/31/15

Certified Administrative
Barber, Jane E. – ADM-1 YR

Certified Limited
Grieve, Brittani D. – CERT-1 Yr
Hyland, Patricia – CERT-1 Yr
Mills, Nancy S. – CERT-1 Yr

Classified Limited
Berry, Julie F. – CLASS-1 Yr
Brown, Sophie – CLASS-1 Yr
Fauver, Warren D. – CLASS-1 Yr
Fry, Lynae M. – CLASS-1 Yr
Whitney, Kathleen – CLASS-1 Yr

Certified Supplemental
Gensler, Kallie R. – HQT Facilitator-1Yr
Hastings, Steve D. – HQT Facilitator-1Yr
Johnson, Mandi A. – LPDC-1 Yr
Kovar, Sally J. – HQT Facilitator-1Yr
Kruse, Michelle R. – HQT Facilitator-1Yr
Mabee, Susan K. – LPDC-1 Yr
Mutzfeld, Deborah K. – LPDC-1 Yr
Reucher, Alexandra L. – HQT Facilitator-1Yr
Slattman, Troy A. – HQT Facilitator-1Yr
Wise, Rhonda M. – LPDC-1 Yr

Certified Notice
Chase, Jonathan
Corron, Robyn L.
Gensler, Kallie R.
Long, Renee M.
Nadolny, Sara
Opdycke, Sarah M.
Reineck, Angelle
Slattman, Troy A.
Spurgeon, Crystal
Thiel, Alicia

Classified Notice
Herold, Nichol R.
Liebrecht, Laura
Neuwirth, Veronica I.

21st Century Site Coordinators
Archbold-Michele Bagrowski
Bryan-Joe Beck
Defiance-Barbara Smith
Liberty Center-Donna Crozier, Nicole Hartzell

21st Century Teachers
Archbold-Michele Bagrowski
Defiance-Harmony Beck
Holgate-Brianna Coolman, Amy Moening, Julie Schroeder, Kimberly Schroeder
Liberty Center-Kathy Bishop, Stacy Bowers, Jill Evans, Patricia Hill, Tracy Krueger, Kaitlyn Rhodes, Emily Wesley
Patrick Henry-Jana Lentz, Karen Phillips
Wauseon-Tamary Ankney, Stacy Beaverson, Amy Boyers, William Joseph Friess, Kalli Hintz, Terry Lind, Lynlee Reinking, Laura Vorwerk, Teresa Westfall

21st Century Program Assistants
Bryan-Dawn Eck-Speelman
Defiance-Shannon Lopez
Patrick Henry-Karen Phillips, Diana Smith
Wauseon-Susan Benson

21st Century Specialized Education Assistants
Bryan-Kathy Scheckelhoff
Defiance-Shannon Lopez, Lucinda Seip
Liberty Center-Rita Bare
Patrick Henry-Diana Smith

21st Century Drivers
Holgate-Nancy Gerken, Thomas Muntz, Natalie Taylor
Wauseon-Michelle Myers

Substitute Teachers
Salli Ackerman, Jannette Adkins, Moine Allgire, Elizabeth Avery, Michelle Bailey, Joseph Bales, Norman Beck, Denise Berner, Kevin Boesger, George Bonin, Linda Borjas, Stacey Boskovich, Lois Brown, Erica Burkholder, Brandi Clem, Jennifer Colon, April Cook, Debra DeLoustal- Miller, Malinda Dunbar, David Eagle, Karen Findling, Kay Ford, Lauren Frey, Renee Gothke, Vicki Gramling, Karen Grove, Lisa Haldy, Sherrie Herman, Sandra Hillard, Bryan Hopper, Justine Johnston, Jennifer Kadesch, Buffy Kelb, Anne Kindinger, Leigh Anne Kraft, Stephen Krueger, Suzanne Lammers, Annette Lauber, Treg Lymanstall, Martha Mallott, Norma Marks, Carla McConnell, Heather Merritt, Aileen Meyer, Cathy Moll, Janet Morr, Michael Morris, Carolyn Nagel, Christine Nagy, Elizabeth Neer, Tamala North, Patricia Olmstead, Hillary Opdycke, Rachel Orr, Cortney Osborn, Josie Osborn, Jennifer Rayoum, Stephanie Reeves, Arlene Rozevink, Landon Schaffner, Heather Schuster, Blaine Schwiebert, Jody Schwyn, Amy Seedorf, Renee Shadel, Casey Smith, Shannon Storrer, Sarah Stuckey-Diaw, Steven Suchocki, Rebecca Thatcher, Kaitlin Tippin, Melissa Tisi-Spiller, Keith Van Horn, Gary Vogelsong, Marilyn Vonalt, Emily Wallace, Shontael Wanjema, Amy Zientek

Substitute Paraprofessionals
Josephine Avina, Amy Bressler, Erica Burkholder, Lauren Frey, Vicki Gramling, Lisa Haldy, Annette Lauber, Carolyn Nagel, Josie Osborn, Jennifer Perry, Blaine Schwiebert, Amy Seedorf, Shannon Storrer, Robyn Venier, Gary Vogelsong, Melissa Warncke

Substitute Speech-Language Pathologist
Martha Foltz, Debra Opdycke, Susan Restivo

Bus Drivers
Central Local – Debbie Brubaker; David Clinker; Robert English; Jessica Golf; Donald Hange; Dixie Herr; Alan Herritt; Marilyn Hetrick; Phil Hetrick; Katherine Holtsberry; James Jacob; Timmy Johns; Chad Johnson; Shelly Johnson; Nicholas Keesbury; Marilyn Kunesh; Troy Merillat; Jane Meyer; Amanda Patton-Sauber; Joann Reed; Nick Renollet; Steven Rohrs; Nick Saul; Jason Shaffer; Jerry Sheets; Howard Tom Shininger; Anthony Singer; John Singer; Tabetha Smith; Samuel Spieser; Marlaine Stahl; Daniel Stevenson; Shawna Strezinski; Ethan Wirick; Scott Wirth; Gary Vollmer; Richard Yoder
Edgerton – Daniel Fedderke
Evergreen – David Baumbarger; Theresa Burgess; Lori Burghardt; Quinn Chovanec; Paula Christlieb; Terrie L. Ketring-Copeland; Jennie Fischer; Sally Hintz; Susan Hanifan Michael Huffman; John McWalters; John Pero; Barbara Steiner-Zehender
Northeastern – Bryan Etzler
Pettisville – Tamara Burkholder; Kelly McDermott; Diane Nafziger; Randy Nafziger; Matthew Nofzinger; Anna Norris; Jim Pratt; Brad Rufenacht; Cindy Rupp; Tom Wagner; Roger Weber; Jack Young
Swanton – David Baumbarger; Margie Baumgartner; Jason Divoll; Glen Dominique; Sharon Do Moe; Bonney Doren; Rick Gardner; Delores Garling; Jane Georgia; Kelly Harlett; Amy Miller; Lisa Pastorek; Angela Brann; Crystal Purdy; Heather Rohrs; Ann Schmunk; Stephen Waddell

Van Drivers
Ayersville – Craig Ruffer
Central Local – Andrew Singer; Jill Speiser
Edgerton – Clarence Bigger; Roger Cade; Maimee Giesige
Evergreen – Douglas Desloover
NwOESC – Janet Lembach

*Approved a contract with Dr. Laura Eckhardt as an Independent Contractor to provide Consulting Clinical Psychologist Services for the period of 8/13/15-7/31/16.

*Approved a contract with Kristine S. Fauver as an Independent Contractor to provide School Psychological Services for the period of 8/13/15-6/30/16.

*Approved a contract with Bowling Green State University on Behalf of The Center for Assessment and Evaluation Services for an evaluation of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Grant for the period 8/1/15-6/30/16 to be paid from SS/HS Grant funds.

*Approved a contract with Family Service of Northwest Ohio for Family and Schools Together (F.A.S.T) training and programming for the period 8/1/15-6/30/16 to be paid from SS/HS Grant funds.

*Approved a modification to the Board’s Section 125 Flexible Fringe Benefits Plan, administered by American Fidelity, to an alternative carryover allowance of $500 per employee into the following calendar year, instead of a limited number of days in the following calendar year for each employee to use any remaining balance.
SUPERINTENDENT: Mrs. Gearhart reported 17 of 23 school districts plus the IEC and 4CCC are currently in session for the 2015-16 school year. Early Childhood Education Grant funding has been awarded for income eligible 3 and 4 year olds to access preschool if slots are available in existing programming. The Summer Migrant Program has concluded. Migrant students remaining in the area may be served through the Region VI Fall Program in conjunction with area schools. Facility safety plans are being updated to meet increased ODE requirements. NwOESC staff have made the start of the school year a very smooth one!

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER: Mrs. Pietrykowski reported most recurring grant applications have been applied for, with only the Title III-Limited English Proficient Grant remaining, pending ODE release. The flexible spending carryover change (up to $500.00) will benefit participating employees. The Business Office is working on payroll preparation, preschool tuition invoicing, payment of invoices and receipts, and providing support to new staff, in addition to their normal processes and operations.

DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL EDUCATION: Mrs. Gilliland reported the Independence Education Center (IEC) is off to a great start. Medicaid documentation training is set. Other trainings planned this fall are Teacher Talk for Preschool Intervention Specialists, Writing Compliant IEPs, and Crisis Prevention Intervention.

DIRECTOR OF curriculum, instruction and professional development: Mrs. Dobbelaere shared a brochure of the professional development planned for the school year to support area school districts. New consultant and supervisory staff have had an excellent start. A listing of the county events (quiz leagues, spelling bees, music fests, etc.) and staff responsible for coordinating was distributed.

*As all of the business of the evening was complete, the meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm. The next regular meeting of the board will be held Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the NwOESC office located at 205 Nolan Parkway, Archbold, OH.


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