Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center Governing Board Holds November Meeting

The following actions were taken by the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center Governing Board at their regular meeting held November 24, 2015.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Ron Crawford. All in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

A moment of silence was observed in memory of ESC staff member, Rosemary Wongroski.

The following items were approved under the consent agenda format:
•Approved minutes of the organizational board meeting held October 27, 2015.
•Approved Financial Transactions
-Glass Pieces Studio to provide to NwOESC, 21st Century (Archbold), Extended Learning Opportunities Involving the Creative Arts Services for the period of 10/1/15-6/19/16
-Glass Pieces Studio to provide to NwOESC, 21st Century (Patrick Henry MS/HS), Extended Learning Opportunities Involving the Creative Arts Services for the period of 10/1/15-6/19/16
-Glass Pieces Studio to provide to NwOESC, 21st Century (Napoleon MS/HS), Extended Learning Opportunities Involving the Creative Arts Services for the period of 10/1/15-6/19/16
-Project Respect to provide to NwOESC, 21st Century (Liberty Center Elementary), Positive Youth Development Activities, Mentoring, Character Development and Self Esteem Experience Services for the period of 10/1/15-6/19/16
-NwOESC to provide to Bowling Green City School District, Instructional Services at the Liberty Education Center for the 2015-16 academic year.

Paul Woellhof, Migrant Recruiter, effective 9/21/15 (replacement of resignation)

Rachel Drenning, Payroll Specialist, effective 11/14/15
Andrew Shoup, Physical Therapy Assistant, effective 11/26/15

Classified Limited
Burill, Megan – CLASS-1 Yr – 11/9/15- 7/31/16
Hughes, Kristan – CLASS-1 Yr – 11/2/15- 6/30/16
Wilson, Alex – CLASS-1 Yr – 11/6/15- 6/30/16

Classified Notice
Carrizales-Fouty, Noemi

Additional Wage Payments
Year 1 Mentor Service to Resident Educators to the following individuals: Mary Beth Beck and Michelle Winters
Year 2 Mentor Service to Resident Educators to the following individuals: Jody Mohring and Megan Hensley
Year 3 Mentor Service to Resident Educators to the following individuals: Michelle Winters and Kalli Hintz
Year 4 Mentor Service to Resident Educators to the following individuals: Alissa Hall

21st Century Teachers
Archbold-Abbey Nafziger
Ayersville-Sherry Krueger, Dawn McKibben
Bryan- Tiffany McBride
Liberty Center- Glenda Conner, Kelsey Gunthrie
Patrick Henry- Rebecca Wasson

After School Program Teachers
Swanton- Kayeann Batanian, Amanda Carrizales, Julie LaPoint, Nicholas Wcislek

21st Century Program Assistants
Bryan- Tiffany McBride

Substitute Teachers
Marshall Donaldson, Heather Gears, Lindsey Griffes, Raymond Greene II, Shannon Mack, Charles Nagel, Melissa Parnell, Josiah Poletta, Kari Schneider, Kerry Vandock,

Substitute Paraprofessionals
Heather Gears, Renee Gothke, Melissa Parnell, Sarah Spieth

Bus Drivers
Evergreen – Tamara Bonaminio
Swanton – Lawrence Martin

•Approved a Secondary Partner Organization Agreement with the Association of Educational Service Centers (AESA) to promote AESA’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program (SLF Program) built specifically to maximize the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF Program) to staff and other interested public/non-profit agencies in the NwOESC service region.
•Set the tuition reimbursement budget for 2016-17 per board policy #3450.
•Approved motion to use Fifth Third Securities, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fifth Third Bank) for investing advice and investments under our interim depository agreement with Fifth Third Bank, for part of NwOESC’s investment portfolio beginning as soon as possible.
•Approved motion for Mr. Brian Baker to attend a legislative conference in Washington, D.C. in January 2016 in his role as District 5 Representative to OSBA’s Federal Relations Network.

The following policies/updates were reviewed by the board, with action anticipated for the December meeting:
Policy 1130 – Conflict of Interest – revised
Policy 1630.01 – FMLA Leave – revised
Policy 2461 – Recording of Educational Service Center Meetings Involving Students and/or Parents – revised
Policy 3113 – Conflict of Interest – revised
Policy 3220 – Teacher Evaluation – revised
Policy 3430.01 – FMLA Leave – revised
Policy 3450 – Tuition Reimbursement – revised
Policy 4113 – Conflict of Interest – revised
Policy 4430.01 – FMLA Leave – revised
Policy 5344 – Communicable Disease – Preschool – revised
Policy 6410 – Credit Card Use by Administrative Team – revised
Policy 7510 – Use of Educational Service Cente – new
Policy 8454 – Automated External Defibrillators (AED) – revised

Mr. Baker reported that the House Education committee met this week for its first meeting under the leadership of Chairman Andrew Brenner. Sponsor testimony on HB212 was heard, which proposes to repeal the current academic content standards as well as the current teacher evaluation system and would make changes to the statewide assessment system. The committee passed HB113 which would require instruction in CPR and the use of AEDs as a requirement for graduation. The Senate Ways and Means Committee held a hearing on SB 85 which would limit the right to initiate most types of property tax complaints to property owners and county recorders. Also shared was a letter from the USDE related to special education guidance and best practices in positive behavior interventions and supports.

Mrs. Gearhart shared information on the board of education vacancy/appointment process currently underway for Districts 3, 5, and 7. Dr. John Granger will be facilitating a new board member orientation at the NwOESC on December 9th. A Straight A Grant collaboration with Putnam County ESC, Wood County ESC, and BGSU is in process and will be submitted for consideration.

Mrs. Pietrykowski reported on the benefit open-enrollment process that recently took place with eligible staff. Health and dental were completed on-line this year, while vision was via paper. The Business Office will be following up with those electing the high deductible/health saving account plan for additional information. The Indirect Cost Rate with ODE is in process, as is the sub grants to districts from the wellness grant.

Mrs. Gilliland shared examples from a recent preschool-focused professional development for teachers and paraprofessionals. Also shared was a power point on the recent Thanksgiving dinner at the Independence Education Center. The NwOESC will be hosting “A Parent’s Walk through the Special Education Process” on December 17th in collaboration with SSTR1.

Mrs. Dobbelaere shared programs and information on the academic quiz bowls, leagues, and tournaments that have taken place recently across the four county area as coordinated by the NwOESC consultants. Additional updates were provided on ELL supports, Google classrooms, Ohio Improvement Process activities, Data Days, and collaborative principal and guidance counselor meetings.

•As all of the business of the evening was complete, the meeting adjourned at 8:27 pm. The next regular meeting of the board will be held Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the NwOESC office located at 205 Nolan Parkway, Archbold, OH.


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