Northwest Ohio Toastmasters Club Holds Regular Meeting

NEWSPAPER LOGOThe Northwest Ohio Toastmasters club met on March 3rd for its regular meeting at Northwest State Community College. Darlene Shepherd of Bryan served as master of ceremonies (Toastmaster) to conduct the meeting.

Darlene reflected on the long winter with ideas to get out of the house. She suggested the Titanic exhibition at Imagination Station in Toledo and Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. This spring the Great Lakes Museum is opening on the East side of Toledo. There are also several home and garden shows to attend in various locations. Visiting the Metro Parks in Lucas County and several state parks was an outside idea.

President Rebecca Lovelass of Fayette provided a speech entitled, “Music Makes Us Better”. She related how music can be uplifting and helps people forget their troubles. Music through vibration can also have healing influence on people. Feeling can come through music even when a different language is used. Live performances of music are particularly influencing on an audience.

Loretta Torres of Fayette presented a speech on P.L. Travers who wrote the book “Mary Poppins”. Specifically she noted the multi-year struggle between Walt Disney and Ms. Travers on the making of “Mary Poppins” the Movie. Although the author had script approval, she did not have edit rights and did not have some of her objections followed as depicted in the movie “Saving Mr. Banks”.

Larry Zuvers of Bryan coordinated the table topics, where members commented on their perspective on the word ‘Snow’. There were points made about snow men, snow mobiles, yellow snow, ice cream snow, snow blizzards, and shipping snow out of the area.

‘Advocate’ was the challenge word of the day that members used in their presentations. It was provided by Barb Steckly of Bryan. An advocate is one that stands up for another person or supports a position or cause. She also provided inspirational thoughts of: ‘A wounded deer leaps high’, and ‘Extraordinary situations show how great you can be’.

Jane Hibbard of Stryker provided a general review of the flow of the meeting. All members participated in reviewing the two speeches. Brent Sines, a new member, reported on the number of distracting sounds such as “ah” that were used during the meeting. Larry Zuvers timed the speeches to limit saying too much

Guests are always welcome to attend Northwest Ohio Toastmasters’ meetings on the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Allied Health Building Conference Room at NW State Community College south of Archbold. For more information contact Larry Zuvers at 419-636-2329 or



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